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  • The Light At The End Something I recorded back on the 4th of September. It was a jam session, so it was off the top of my head (or tip of my fingers) and only one of 32 tracks on that particular Audacity file. I was listening to it today and the words "she sits in darkness, awaiting the light at the end of the day" came to mind when i heard the end part.
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  • how do you feel? Another track using a similar rhythm track as 'something, something acoustic song'. This one was the first time I played it, the previously mentioned song was my first attempt at refining this rhythm track. I like where I went with the lead, it's intended to be excessive at parts and tasteful at others. The point is that you let yourself be adventurous and leave your mind open. Don't worry about being perfect, just play. You find pieces here a nd there that are really good and others where you know you lost your feel, maybe if just for a second, that's all part of the process. It's off the cuff, not thought out, improvised. You let the feelings that are deep guide you. They speak through me, into the guitar and (hopefully) recorded for me or others to hear. If I were to use this, or any other song I've written, in a band setting I'd take the best ideas from any of the numerous recorded tracks and bring those to the table, so to say.
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  • something, something acoustic song A little acoustic jam I recoded. Nothing special, really, just a demo of a part of a song.
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