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  • hope remix
    hope remix remix version of hope
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  • hope version 2
    hope version 2 new recording of hope
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  • hope...
    hope... Do you understand where we are right now We will find our home where we are one Home Home Do we find ourself where we can be strong All we have is hope All we have Hope (4x) I can't find my way Where we started from Where can we end up When we were wrong Hope (3x) Take me home
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  • Rob - open mic recording
    Rob - open mic recording open mic recording
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  • make sure
    make sure we are our enemy we've scraficed entirely where are we now in spite our best efforts we've made it down and now are alone in that, dark dark place we are one we are won we are one we are won taken farther than I've ever been make sure we are not too far away from the place where we need to end up waking though we will find are home there do you fake it if youre unhappy i'm unhappy wasted again on the floor do you believe in happy I'm not sure, ohhh I'm not sure take me the to that place ohhh take me there its home I know its home I know
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