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  • Coco coir manufacturers Coir is widely used for seedlings, cuttings, and clones as well as cultivation of micro greens, peppers, tomatoes, cucumber, blueberries, strawberries, roses, orchids, and more. If you are a multi container customer or a home gardener, Ceyhinz Link International and RIOCOCO Lanka (Pvt) Ltd produce quality and consistent coir products solutions just for you. More details please visit
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  • Professional horticulture coir substrate solutions Sustainable growth with compressed coir fiber produced by Ceyhinz Link International Inc. We are committed to provide highly professional horticulture coir substrate solutions to vegetable growers, soft fruit growers and floral ornamentals, tropical plant growers or growing media companies; we can give you the best coir substrate you need. At Ceyhinz Link, you can get HUSK CHIP BLOCK, 4.5 KG or 5KG or 10 Lb COCO BLOCK, COCO BRICK, COIR Starter Block, Coir Plug, Coir plank, Coir open top bag. For more info visit: or call us at+1 214-492-0803.
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  • Organic coir growing media industry Ceyhinz Link International develops the next generation coir growing media mixes for different crop types. We are a leading and most trusted 100% organic coir growing media industry into a new era. Our goal is to build a fruitful relationship with our customers worldwide by creating value for every concerned individual. What we have is a dream to provide a safer and greener future to the generations to follow by dedicating ourselves in producing high-quality Organic and OMRI Certified coir-based substrates solutions, which help in enhancing the productivity with help of value pricing. Looking for coir fiber products? Visit: or talk to us directly at+1 214-492-0803.
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  • Growing strawberries in coco coir Growing strawberries in coco coir is a natural fit for several reasons. Coir retains water much more efficiently than soil, so strawberry plants require less frequent watering. If you are a hydroponic blue berry grower, you should use BLUMIX for the blueberries. RIOCOCO introduced custom blueberry mix that has ideal water holding capacity and aeration blueberries require. You can adjust the pH level with open top bags that help you control the pH and the moisture content of the growing medium. The open top bags are available in 4 to 38 liters or 1 – 10 gal. For more info about our BLUMIX visit our website: or call us at+1 214-492-0803.
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  • Coir Products for greenhouses Environment concerns and biodegradability have boosted the demand for coir products for greenhouses. We are one of the world's largest suppliers of cultivation solutions with clean, controllable, and 100 percent natural coir-based substrates and growing media solutions. If you are looking for high-quality coir products, look no further than Ceyhinz Link International Inc. Our high standard RIOCOCO coir substrates use the natural properties of processed coir pith, fiber and fractions. If you in search of best-in-class coir products for hydroponics greenhouse to grow vegetables, leafy vegetables and flowers, then visit our website: or call us at+1 214-492-0803.
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