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  • uncle albert In tribute to George Martin, a grt song about a butler perhaps that he may've made suggestions about, can only guess the specifics on what or who got the last say... about it.
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  • live to tell Self explanatory Madge classic about surviving the love process of a dominatrix other type of type A person. She p'bly is tho, (a dominatrix)...
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  • beautiful eyes This may not have won a grammy recently but a nice Taylor song any way you look at it, or listen to, about flying around etc.
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  • I'll be back Nice song about losing ur gf over n over or something like that, as if things like that ever actually happen? ha
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  • The Rain (n Snow) Whether there's rainy weather yr round like England or occasional horrific storms like New England, there's music to help put you in the mood for it, ha.
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