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I'm a hypno-psychotherapist working in Reading, Oxford, Thame and Wallingford (Berkshire and Oxfordshire UK).

I work with the traditional clients associated with hypnotherapy (smoking, weight-loss, bad habits etc) but spend far more of my time working with those who suffer from depression, anxiety and issues arising from childhood abuse, trauma and the like.

If you'd like to get in touch then please contact me through my website. Whether or not you're likely to be a client doesn't matter. I'm always happy to help people.

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  • Mindfulness Hello I'm a hypnotherapist and have uploaded this mindfulness recording for general use. The aim of mindfulness is to begin to change our attitudes and responses through observing and accepting whatever it may be which bothers us. This might be chronic pain for example. Pain is hugely influenced by emotion and we can either make it worse for ourselves or else learn to observe it neutrally in order that our brain learns - over time - to relax around it. Once the brain relaxes around a stimulus it can then begin to learn how to edit it out of conscious awareness. Listen to this recording one or more times per day but never whilst driving or if suffering from psychosis, organic mental health issues, heart or breathing problems. Listen to it with the aim of learning the same technique for use in everyday life. Listen to this recording, master the approach and thoughts or feelings or pain will no longer bother you in the same way. If you'd like more information then please contact me though my website. Best wishes Paul
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