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  • 06 August 14 - Blumers 2CC radio segment
    06 August 14 - Blumers 2CC radio segment Markus and Noor review the Canberra motorist who injured a pedestrian crossing the road and the Court found the driver couldn’t have done anything to avoid the accident. They discussed both driver’s and pedestrians or cyclists’ responsibilities on the road. Jay called in to update his situation with an experimental home he purchased made almost entirely of asbestos. Markus and Noor spoke with Jay about what other people buying a home should do to protect themselves against purchasing a home with asbestos. Ralph called in to ask whether the driver is always at fault if there is an accident with a pedestrian in a crosswalk.
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  • 02 July 14 - Blumers 2CC Radio Segment.
    02 July 14 - Blumers 2CC Radio Segment. Markus and Noor discussed the case of the Canberra father cleared of fracturing his four-month-old son’s ribs. They reviewed a case the Fair Work Commission is investigating regarding the treatment of a tax office employee who was locked out of his workplace. The employee feels the treatment was shabby and part of an unfair dismissal. Markus told the story he had just heard about of a bureaucrat who wanted taxpayers to pay for his lawn to be mowed because he was injured on the job and is not able to mow his lawn, nor did he want his wife or two adult children to do it either. Noor gave an explanation of the Human Rights Act, which is celebrating its 10th anniversary.
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  • Noor Blumer chats to Markus Paul from 2CC Canberra
    Noor Blumer chats to Markus Paul from 2CC Canberra Noor Blumer from Blumers Personal Injury Lawyers Canberra Join 2CC’s Marcus Paul. Marcus chats with Noor Blumer about grandparents’ rights and the importance of continued communication after a divorce of the parents. Noor explained the things that are considered by the court before sentencing. Law Week is coming up and Noor told about some free events that the audience can attend, including information on wills and power of attorney. full transcript available here http://www.blumers.com.au/blumers-radio-segments/noor-blumers-chats-markus-paul-2cc-canberra/
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  • Blumers Radio – Bill Redpath 2CC
    Blumers Radio – Bill Redpath 2CC Markus and Bill discuss a Belconnen man accused of robbing a south side service station with a makeshift spear and touched on the David Eastman charge to declare the Director of Public Prosecutions Office a vexatious litigant. Markus reviewed a case of a man who was charged with conspiracy after he rode a push-bike to commit a robbery on a Woolworth’s and Bill explained different kinds of robbery charges. Bill talked about the Canberra Construction Company Director who is the first senior manager to be charged in relation to an employee’s death on the workplace, and Markus relayed some quirky laws. Transcript available here http://www.blumers.com.au/blog-posts/blumers-radio-bill-redpath/
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  • Latest from Blumers Radio – Noor Blumer talks to 2CC
    Latest from Blumers Radio – Noor Blumer talks to 2CC Markus and Noor talk about the David Eastman enquiry and the recommendation to quash the murder conviction and Noor explained the options the Supreme Court has and the possibility of compensation. A Canberra Court fine of two companies over the death of a worker was reviewed. Noor and Markus discussed the ACT budget which included some measures to reduce crime rates in the territory, and touched on the introduction of the new mental health facility and how that will help keeping the mentally ill out of jails. Transcript available here http://www.blumers.com.au/blog-posts/noor-blumer-talks-to-2cc/
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  • Latest Blumers Radio – Noor Blumer 2CC
    Latest Blumers Radio – Noor Blumer 2CC Noor explains what’s going on with the criminal charges being brought against a construction company after the death of a worker at a Turner work site. Markus was totally against a Victorian convicted murderer who is requesting to be transferred to ACT after Noor explained the case and why he is making the request. Noor explained why it’s difficult for child abuse victims to sue the Catholic Church, and that there is a Royal Commission looking into it. Markus talked about the Facebook group who was given a cease and desist order by IKEA. Noor and Markus reviewed an issue between Jamie Oliver and Woolworth’s over growers being charged a levy per crate
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  • Bill Redpath chats to Marcus Paul from 2CC Canberra
    Bill Redpath chats to Marcus Paul from 2CC Canberra Markus and Bill Redpath review some guidelines used when bail is assigned or denied; and a general overview of children’s court, as well as the definition of culpable driving as a criminal matter. Bill answered a caller’s question regarding whether if an employee is being investigated by the police, whether the police can include the employee’s employer in the investigation. Markus and Bill discussed the recent case before the Court of Appeals to review the length of sentencing a man had received for killing a security guard.
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  • Jennifer Newman - Blumers Personal Injury Lawyers Canberra
    Jennifer Newman - Blumers Personal Injury Lawyers Canberra Jennifer Newman from Blumers Personal Injury Lawyers Joins 2CC Canberra’s Markus Paul. Markus and Jennifer reviewed a news story of a convicted pedophile arrested for child offenses again and was possibly working for a company making deliveries to school, with Jennifer taking a strong stand on not commenting before all the facts of the story are known. Markus and Jennifer agreed that head-butting in a rugby game is not a risk that the players have assumed, after a local rugby union player injured another player who is now a quadriplegic. A woman who claims to have received an electric shock on the job while using her mouse is an example of the importance of documenting everything in an injury, and the importance of etiquette in court was made clear by a man shouting in court about disagreeing with what was being said about him.
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