Hi, I am Working as a Sales Manager in Freeze Refrigerant which is one of the leading gas manufacturing company in Dubai.

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  • Disposable helium tank
    Disposable helium tank Balloonee’s disposable helium tanks give you the convenience of being lightweight and easy to handle. Be it 10 balloons or a hundred, we have tanks in all shapes and sizes to meet your needs. Visit us for a better insight into our services. http://www.balloonee.com/products/balloonee-jumbo-disposable-helium-party-kit/
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  • R134a Refrigerant
    R134a Refrigerant Never knew two atoms of carbon, two atoms of hydrogen and four atoms of fluorine can actually work miracles as a refrigerant. Freeze is one proud retailer of the prominent R134a refrigerant.
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  • R22_refrigerant
    R22_refrigerant Freeze has withstood the test of time even as many new refrigerant suppliers sprout every other day. Significantly, Freeze will stay strong as a successful agency supplying r22 refrigerant anytime need arises.
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  • Freon_r22
    Freon_r22 Freeze in the UAE is an advocated freon r22 agency for its dedicated service since it was inaugurated. It comes across as a trusted brand among people. http://www.freezeref.com/index.php/products/refrigerant-r22-gas
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  • 404a gas
    404a gas Stage-managing the huge demand of 404a gas is Freeze. It has till date been a loyal agency providing the gas anywhere in Sharjah within the shortest duration possible. http://bit.ly/2Hj70Ft
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  • R22 gases
    R22 gases Mostly used in coolers, AC systems and refrigeration systems, r22 plays a key role in the refrigeration industry. And Freeze is a dependable supplier of the same. Freeze dons the helmet of a devoted r22 gas supplier in the UAE. Choose us and you will be more than happy. http://www.freezeref.com/index.php/products/refrigerant-r22-gas
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  • R404 gas
    R404 gas R404 is a colorless, odorless mixture of three hydrofluorocarbon compounds in near-azeotropic proportions. Freeze has this cost-effective alternative which is available for all refrigeration systems. With zero ozone layer depletion, r404 is used in new refrigeration equipment at mid-range and low temperatures. Freeze is a key supplier of this eco-friendly gas. http://bit.ly/2Hj70Ft
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  • Refrigerant gas suppliers
    Refrigerant gas suppliers Anchoring the huge demand for refrigerant gas is Freeze. This has emerged as an optimal refrigerant gas supplier in recent years. With commendable service and a dedicated team, Freeze is now a prime refrigerant gas supplier. Reach out to us for the best of services. http://www.freezeref.com
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