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  • How to Hire a Personal Injury Attorney
    How to Hire a Personal Injury Attorney Avoid These Mistakes When Choosing a Personal Injury Attorney 1. Choosing an attorney without enough trial experience: One of the key factors for a successful personal injury case is an attorney that is not afraid to take the case to trial. An attorney with trial experience is not afraid to demonstrate to the jury the merits of your case. Remember that insurance companies have so much money because they are very good at paying out the least amount of money. You should avoid attorneys that do not like going to trial. 2. Choosing a lawyer based solely on advertisement: A flashy TV commercial or Radio Ad does not reveal anything about the competency of the attorney. It only shows that the attorney is willing to pay for the advertisement. Don’t choose an attorney just because he spends lots of money on advertising and you like his ads. (refer to our “How do you choose the right lawyer for your case” for more information) 3. Choosing an attorney solely on referral from a friend: Although many attorneys rely on referrals from former clients in choosing an attorney, your friend may not know what is best for your case. Your friend probably likes the attorney. But you need more than a friendly attorney. You need one that has trial experience and willing to go up against a billion dollar insurance company. Make sure to ask your friend why they recommend that attorney. Please visit our website http://semolawyers.com/ for more info.
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