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i began composing at 17 years old, be born in 1976; <br />
that's already 20 years experience about practicing the piano and composition for those years days and nights.<br />
i worked hard on piano practicing.<br />
i got already 2117 compositions among classical music, jazz music and world music for some of them.<br />
<br />
i begin with my 87eme simphony and my 70th concerto for piano and my 166th sonate for piano .<br />
i got around 150 impromptu for piano.<br />
40 quatuor and 35 concerto for violin.<br />
<br />
and many other kind of music you will soon here them on my page yourlisten.com<br />
<br />
i hope you enjoy my music as composer.<br />
it's already told that i'm one of the biggest composer in the world.<br />
i also made speech songs that had been taken by other productor and shared it with other big artists and <br />
made their music about my text.<br />
<br />
i also invented the ipad but this affair remain top secret<br />
i had contributed to intelligence services for more than a decade.<br />
<br />
my real name is mbog song johannes that i want to change my patronimy to radjensky johannes louis
i have been self educated in classical composition as jazz composition and piano pratice

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