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  • Thank U
    Thank U Among the numerous ppl who are a part of our lives, by birth and by choice, there are many to whom we are deeply grateful for many reasons... First and foremost are those by birth, the members of our family: grand parents, parents and siblings to whom we owe nearly everything. Next are those who by choice are in our lives. These are the ppl we depend on for varied reasons, many a times even taking them for granted.... not acknowledging their importance in our day to day activities. Just imagine your life without the contribution of these ppl. Wud it make a difference to the way you know/ lead your life. I am sure the answer is YES. So, its very important to atleast say a small Thank U to them whenever they do something for us.
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  • Kiss & make up
    Kiss & make up We all have some people in our lives who we love a lot. But sometimes the levels of understanding do not match perfectly and we fall out with them. But we love them so much that their absence from our lives leaves a void somewhere deep within us. We somehow wish we cud get them back in our lives.
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  • Chocolate spl show
    Chocolate spl show This show is dedicated to the one temptation of the world which very few people have the heart to resist CHOCOLATES.
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