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  • Full-Irritated-Genie-United-Black-America-Interview
    Full-Irritated-Genie-United-Black-America-Interview This week we saw major events unfolding on the world stage. From the spread of ebola and the death of the first American victim to the disease to Officer Joseph Weekley walking out of the courtroom with just the misdemeanor charge after Wayne County Circuit Judge Cynthia Gray Hathaway dismissed the involuntary manslaughter charge against him in the death of 7 year old Aiyana Stanley-Jones. Unfortunately, I was almost taken out by the flu and wasnt able to properly build on these topics, but if you would like to fill in, give us a call and leave a voicemail to be played on the next episode. Call (770) 852-0UBA [770-852-0822] any time day or night and leave your take on these issues In This Episode, You Will Learn… The difference between race, ethnicity, and nationality - and why it matters How marijuana is used to turn your primary attention away from your true purpose and towards secondary false-attentions How the decisions of the individuals in our community contribute to our collective failure or success How the Irritated Genie resurrected his movement after an all-out offensive from Fox News and white supremacists We are also urging all who can to visit our home city of Atlanta for the Warriors Conference on October 18, 2014. Doors open at 2PM and tickets cost $15 if purchased ahead of time ($25 at the door). The WOH team has also made the conference accessible via pay-per-view, so if you can’t make the trip, you will still be able to participate in this legendary meeting of the minds. Guests and speakers will include: Sa Ra Suten Seti Baba Mwalimu Baruti The Irritated Genie (WarOnTheHorizon.com) and Professor Griff (Public Enemy, The Psychological Covert War on Hip Hop) The event is hosted by the Asafo Connection, a group here in Atlanta that also runs a gun club. Check out their pages and show them some love. Items Mentioned In This Episode Blueprint for Black Power by Dr. Amos Wilson Our new webhosting service The Ankh- African Origin of Electromagnetism The United Black America Forum, Our Facebook Page, and our Twitter Timeline As always, the best way to support the show is with a 5 star rating on iTunes. By giving us a 5 star rating, you will expose the show to other Brothers and Sisters in the fight who many have never found out about United Black America Radio. You can leave a review by going to https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/pan-african-alliance-podcast/id921756335
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  • Exposing the False Prophets of Black Consciousness - United
    Exposing the False Prophets of Black Consciousness - United As you progress along your journey into consciousness, you will come across 4 "False Prophets". In this episode, we will do the knowledge on just how these false prophets can distract you from your journey into consciousness, along with analyzing the news of the week from a Black Conscious perspective. While you might not agree with everything here, remember that we dont have to be uniformed in our opinion to be unified in our intention! Show Quote "We can't forget. We can't fall asleep. MIKE BROWN represents all of the thousands of men women, children and babies who have been killed by police brutality. Once they know that we are awake to what they are doing, and now that we have the tools to hold them accountable via tech, we can start putting real pressure on not just them but the whole chain from the beat cops up to the prosecutors, mayors, and governors. They need to fear our repercussions. They need to feel our pain, and the way that happens is by bringing the pain to them." In This Show, You Will Discover... Why United Black America was DESTROYED How Europe Underdeveloped Africa What Michael Brown truly represents, and what we should be doing to honor his memory The definition of Civil Disobedience …and why the real threat to the United States comes from its own government, not Middle Eastern terrorists! If you would like to leave us a voicemail like the ones you hear on this show, give us a call at 770-852-0822. You can discuss any of the issues of the day, or just let us know what you think about the show!
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    BLACK WALL STREET PODCAST For the latest episodes, visit http://panafricanalliance.com Black Wall Street was a completely independent and exclusively African American economic zone. In this episode of United Black America radio, we discuss how we can rebuild our own economic zones as a cure to Black unemployment statistics. Using Dr. Claud Anderson's book Powernomics as a model, we discuss actionable ways to rebuild Black communities worldwide!
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