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This story starts with a man called Ben Kowalewicz. A man born on Pheonix, a dozen of years after the first signs of the infection. From his birth, he had one disability. He was unable to speak. Living trough his life, surrounded by constant chatter, but being unable to speak your mind out has been like a torture for him.

At his younger age, he lived with his father, who worked as a director of one of the bigger marketing companies before the outbreak. Ben and his father set off to live in District C, living in one of the sheds in the middle of nowhere. Ben's youth was really boring, but helpful for his future. His father wasn't much of a survivalist expert, since he was a business man.

During all the years, Ben taught himself to hunt, grow crops, survive in general. Looting the stores in the once famous gambling District C, he came across a radio. Picking it up, he got contact with the outer world. He constantly listened to the chatter from District A, keeping in track with the events. Him being unable to talk was still a great problem for him. Being in contact with so much people, yet they don't even know him..

After a dozen of long years, of the same routine, Ben's father died out of old age. He had a proper burial, with his only family. His son. With his fathers death, a new chapter began in Ben's life. Chapter, he himself called. Silence. After gathering a good ammount of supplies, he finally decided to set out to District A,with his thrusty radio. Reaching the outskirts of Eden, he had contact with another person for the first time, since his father's death.

Being unable to respond to the guards questioning him, he decided to ignore Eden, proceeding into the town. Since then, he's been wandering the streets of Phoenix, aimlessly, just surviving for a few years.. Until recently, he's heard the broadcasts on frequency 143.6, he set off to find Phill Baker, finding his broadcasts fascinating.

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