In tha pboovile oru kalathil !!!commemorating Velankanni fe
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In tha pboovile oru kalathil !!!commemorating Velankanni festival!!!

Velankanni (means mother Mary)is the country's biggest Catholic pilgrimage centres!!!

It lies on the Coromandel Coast of the Bay of Bengal, 350 km south of Chennai (Madras) and 12 km south of Nagapattinam.

it is church visited by people of all religion …!!

The origins of this church can be traced back to the 16th century miracles of the survival of Portuguese sailors assaulted by a violent sea storm.!!

There is a annual festival from 29 August to 8 September in commemorating the birth day of mother Mary!! Estimated 3 million people visit the shrine during its annual festival !

this song is dedications to that God, mother Mary! who shower miracle and grace upon the needy and deprived!!

Original sung by Dass cheetan in Tamil as In tha pboovile oru kalathiland in Malayalam as Yahoodiyayile oru gramathil!!!

Using that Malayalam k track, I sung this song!!!

This translation gives the story of the Portuguese sailors sufferings in the mid of sea and subsequently escaping the misery by the grace mother Mary!!!

In this earth..Once upon time!
in search of wealth ..
on suitable directions!
the sailors of Portuguese nationals!
Set sails sea journey..Happily!!

untold misery storm strikes them!
Unsee-able darkness casted upon them !
With their abode ship drowned
“Alas!! We are perished”-like this!
They seek the refuge of mother Mary!.


seeking mercy of mother.. The sailors wept
if we survive we will make a temple for mother they told themselves!
by the miracles grace of mother Mary!!!!
they found ashore with in a minutes!!

all those who survived, they bowed their head to mother Mary!
They ushers prayers of thanks
and the mothers Mary’s small temple..
they wowed and built big church!
That’s shrine velankanni

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