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Artist Bio: Shawn Walden Sr. aka Ninja Scroll began rapping at the age of 15 during his high school years at Overbrook high school in Pine Hill New Jersey. He first started out as "Shawnee Shawn" and then later changed his name to "X Positive". He then met with Hooks & Trapz of the Zu Ninjaz (Part Of Wu Tang Clan). Ninja Scroll was then given his name "Ninja Scroll". He then became part of the Zu Ninjaz in 1998.

As a producer for The Zu Ninjaz Ninja Scroll produced 7 of the 11 tracks on their album "Now Justice" and his beats have gotten rave reviews. In 2009 he started researching the New World Order and it was then that Ninja Scroll decided to step away from producing others and concentrate on teaching others the truth about the Global Elites agenda for world domination. His hardcore tracks, and in your face lyrics will help awaken the people as he continues to spread his message.

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  • Aliens and Demons
    Aliens and Demons From the album "The Truth Hurts". This song shows how aliens and demons are the same. It shows the similarities between them. Aliens are Demons.
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  • Agenda 21
    Agenda 21 From the album "The Truth Hurts" This song about the UN's plan to depopulate the earth and the players involved. The plan is called Agenda 21.
    NinjaScroll 00:03:18 329 0 Downloads 0 Comments
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