Trade Like A Big Fish Now

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The goal for any trader is to scale up their business, but to do this you must trade like you have size now. The trouble is, most traders who trade single or a handful of contracts, trade like they’re 1-lot traders.
Trade in 100's of lots

The route to making a lot of money for any trader is to perform on small size and then scale up the number of contracts in order to multiply future earnings. A trader who can average a modest 2 points per day on the ES trading a 1-lot is not going to become rich. But increase their lot size by a factor of 10 or 100 and the number of ticks they can theoretically pull from the market is going to increase dramatically. 2 points on a 1-lot changes to 200 points trading 100-lot clips.

However, the trouble is that a trader needs to change their mindset before they start increasing their lot size and this can be an issue if you’re not careful.

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