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Previously I had some great experience supervising the production of mobile apps in Canada. Spent 2012-2015 developing strategies for casino market in Las Vegas. My current project is analyzing gamblers behaviour. And still I like to spend my time playing casino games. Casino it's not a passion it's my lifestyle.

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  • Best (and Worst) Bets in the Casino
    Best (and Worst) Bets in the Casino You’ve probably heard that when it comes to casinos, the odds always favor the house. Wanna bet? You can walk out of the casino a winner if you stick to a few simple bets, don’t be embarrassed to come armed with a cheat sheet, and don’t let yourself be intimidated by a game that looks like it should have a sign warning, “millionaires only.”
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  • Men vs Woman in gambling
    Men vs Woman in gambling Men vs. Women When It Comes To Risk-Taking Who is most likely to be seen gambling – men or women? This debate has been played out in almost all entertainment sectors, but in general it has never been as ferociously debated as it is when looking at casinos. We all grew up seeing the casino based films, James Bond in his sharp suit and Robert De Niro playing at the high stakes tables. The men were typically casted as the gamblers and the women were relegated to being the lucky charms, but the world has changed dramatically over the last 20 years. Casinos are so accessible to everybody nowadays, both online and in the real world, the footfall of players has risen exponentially. Back in 2009, Las Vegas alone made $911 million and the numbers continue to climb. With this growth, studies have also been able to show us the psychological and behavioural differences in how men and women play their strategies, why they visit casinos and it has now come to light that men and women are equally as likely to enjoy casinos.
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    FIND THE BEST ONLINE CASINOS FOR CANADIANS My very first casino podcast!Enjoy!
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