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Here at myswitchblade.com, we provide you with high quality switchblades at excellent prices. We have years of experience in the field and understand your requirements and interests very well. To match the expectations of our new as well as returning customers we have in store huge selection of switchblades knives of various kinds.

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  • Why Stiletto Knives Are Called Switchblades
    Why Stiletto Knives Are Called Switchblades I was once reading a thrilling novel and was quite fascinated and stunned by one of the characters sliced open the throat of a person pinned to a car wreck. Researching upon I found that all he used was a switchblade knife USA. But do you know from what knife the switchblade got evolved? Read to explore!
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  • Certain characteristic and advantages of a Switchblade Knife
    Certain characteristic and advantages of a Switchblade Knife A switchblade knife can have a single blade or two blades that are shaped in the form of a classic stiletto. This has a spring asset that is triggered by a button on the handle.
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  • Assured quality automatic knives at best prices
    Assured quality automatic knives at best prices Automatic knives are helpful and are collected by many. Buying automatic knives from reputed companies gives peace of mind concerning the quality and versatilities.
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  • The Ultimate Buying Guide on Italian Stiletto Switchblade
    The Ultimate Buying Guide on Italian Stiletto Switchblade Having a few tools up your sleeves can be very beneficial, especially when you head towards camping expeditions. Compact Italian switchblades work as multipurpose gadgets in crucial times.
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  • 7 facts on knives and 3 tips for buying switchblade knives Switchblade knives have been around for well over a hundred years if not more. But the secret to their growing popularity lies somewhere else. Explore! http://myswitchbladeusa.blogspot.com/2018/07/7-facts-on-knives-and-3-tips-for-buying.html
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  • autometic knives
    autometic knives Automatic Knives (also known as switchblades) are extremely popular in today's day and age. Here at myswitchblade.com we have a wide variety of automatic knives and automatic knife conversions such as Smith & Wesson, Bucks, and Shades to name a few. The choice is yours…Fast shipping! https://www.myswitchblade.com/22-buck-custom-switchblade-knives
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  • Switch blades
    Switch blades Switchblades supposedly were invented by fishermen, so they could tend to and save their nets quickly with a one handed opening knife or so the legend goes. Switchblades continue to be highly collectible and have a certain mystique about them and always will. myswitchblade.com is a glimpse into the popular world of automatic or switchblade knife collecting.
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