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  • 1166 The Raft A multi-millionaire is tormented by written demands for one million dollars. He is also haunted by a memory of being stranded at sea in a raft. He doesn't see the link.
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  • 1167 Her Long Blonde Hair A college professor is obsessed with a violin bow that he is sure is strung with the hair of his late wife who was murdered. He is willing to kill to get it back.
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  • 0038 Under Grave Suspicion A rocky marriage takes an unexpected and frightening turn when a hurricane hits their sea side cottage.
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  • 0020 - Speak of the Devil A young bride is tormented by a demon after attending a seance just before her wedding.
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  • 1356 Mind Over Mind A young bank teller is questioned about her role in a bank robbery. She has no memory of participating or even being involved. She insists that she did not hand over $500 to a thief, even though a nearby teller saw her do it.
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  • 1183 The Empty Coffin A woman who was adopted in the U.S. during World War II is contacted by the lawyer of her birth father who just died in England. She travels to the town of her birth to solve the mystery of her childhood and the mysterious death of her mother.
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