MyJobSpace, New Zealand’s Number 1 job site, hosts over thousands of live jobs across all industries, functional areas and experience levels. Since its inception in 2006, MyJobSpace.co.nz has seen continued growth. MyJobSpace is a recruitment platform that provides hiring-related services to corporates/recruiters, placement agencies and job seekers in New Zealand. We aim to make a positive contribution to people’s lives by connecting more people to relevant job opportunities using our job portal. The company operates 2 offices in Auckland and Christchurch. Are you ready to explore opportunities to take your career to the next level? View all our vacancies now with new jobs added daily and find your ideal job.


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  • IT jobs in Hokitika, New Zealand The IT sector is among our most popular & famous industries in New Zealand. If are you looking for the latest IT jobs in Hokitika, New Zealand? Then you can visit MyJobSpace. Because thousands of IT jobs are available on MyJobSpace for freshers/experienced. We help to find job vacancies depending on your skills, qualifications, and expertise. Save the search, receive career opportunities by email and land a dream job! URL: https://www.myjobspace.co.nz/browse-by-city1/1039/Hokitika/
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  • Find West Coast jobs Browse current job opportunity in West Coast with MyJobSpace New Zealand's largest job website. View all our job vacancies in West Coast now with new jobs added daily. Find part/full-time West Coast jobs opportunities in accounting, construction, management, fashion & beauty, finance, health, HR & recruitment, engineering, healthcare, IT, HR, admin, driving, automotive, etc and get a job of your dream. We work closely with our clients and job seekers to ensure we get it right! Visit us: https://www.myjobspace.co.nz/jobs-in-west-coast/
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  • Jobs in Transport & Logistics Are you looking for the latest jobs in transport & logistics? To revamp your career, now explore all the existing transport & logistics job vacancies in top companies. If you want to easily see the vacancies of transport jobs then you can visit MyJobSpace which is New Zealand's most famous job portal. There are thousands of latest transport & logistics vacancies on MyJobSpace, so visit the site today and see the job according to your location. Apply now for the dream job! URL: https://www.myjobspace.co.nz/transport-and-logistics-jobs/
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  • Find the jobs in Otago, New Zealand Another very crucial trait and skill in landscaping are that the landscaping professional must have the required experience in this field. If you want to beautify your garden, you must hire experienced professionals, who will do the job in the best possible way. Besides gardening, professionals can also be used for paving stone retaining walls. Therefore, there are lots of landscaper jobs in Otago, which an experienced consultant will love since salaries are very high like almost 20 New Zealand dollars per hour. It is much higher than some of the other professions, which require lots of qualifications and extensive studies for years. URL: https://www.myjobspace.co.nz/jobs-in-otago/
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  • Information Technology Jobs in New Zealand If you live in Christchurch and you are looking for information technology jobs in New Zealand, then you should visit MyJobSpace, Indeed & Seek, New Zealand's top job portal for IT jobs. With the help of these job portals you can visit any city of New Zealand. You can search for jobs in nursing or other industries. Apart from information technology jobs on MyJobSpace, there are vacancies of other industry jobs like banking, volunteer, animal welfare, HR, marketing, media, communication, admin, construction, architecture, etc for kiwi job seekers. URL: https://www.myjobspace.co.nz/information-technology-jobs-in-new-zealand/
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  • Looking for class 4 Drivers Jobs Do you live in Christchurch city of New Zealand and you want to make a career in the class 4 drivers industry and you are looking for a class 4 drivers jobs in the top company of New Zealand to give a new face to your career, then you need to get the latest class 4 drivers jobs in Christchurch for one should visit NZ's major job search site MyJobSpace. This job portal has thousands of different-different industry vacancies for freshers & experienced job seekers. So, visit today and get a job in the driver or other field. Apply Now! URL: https://www.myjobspace.co.nz/class-4-drivers-jobs/
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  • Find Warehouse Jobs for Freshers/Experienced Are you living in New Zealand & want to grab the best jobs in the warehouse? If yes, then you are on the right platform for warehouse jobs. MyJobSpace is the largest job portal in New Zealand, Apart from warehouse jobs, other industries are providing jobs like architecture, animal welfare, fishing, forestry, admin, accounting, banking, insurance, retail, construction, healthcare, hammerhand, engineering, real estate, automotive, IT, HR, etc. We help you to connect with the right candidates over the internet and let you get a job on demand in the industry of your choice. Register and upload your resume to access job vacancies based on your skill, location, salary. So visit our job portal today and apply for the job according to your skill. Visit us: https://www.myjobspace.co.nz/warehouse-jobs/
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  • Jobs in New Plymouth for Kiwi Job seekers Are you searching for jobs in New Plymouth, then to see your job in New Plymouth, you need to find the top job search site in NZ, MyJobSpace and Seek. On MyJobSpace, you can see other industry jobs according to your skills like sales, retail, finance, sales, plumber, banking, IT, HR, engineering, hammerhand, cleaner, energy, etc. URL: https://www.myjobspace.co.nz/jobs-in-new-plymouth/
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  • Looking for Truck Driver Jobs in New Zealand Driver candidates are in great demand and will remain in trend for years. According to recent research, the demand for truck drivers jobs in New Zealand is increasing day by day. If you want to get a truck driver job in New Zealand, then you should visit MyJobSpace, a well-known job search site. according to your skills on this job portal you can also search for other industry jobs like banking, finance, IT, HR, plumber, hammer-hand, automotive, driving, sales, engineering, science & technology, admin, construction, etc. If you are interested in getting a job, then go to the site today and apply for the job. URL: https://www.myjobspace.co.nz/truck-drivers-jobs-in-new-zealand/
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  • Looking for Retail jobs Are you looking for the finest retail jobs in New Zealand, then to search for the latest retail job, you should visit MyJobSpace on your mobile. Which is a very popular job portal. With the help of this portal, you can search for jobs in any city of New Zealand and can also get jobs according to your skills in MNC Company of NZ. Visit the site today and get a retail job. https://www.myjobspace.co.nz/retail-jobs/
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