Main Pal Do Pal Ka Shayer Hoon - A Mukes…h song

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It's Mukesh Ji's Birthday tomorrow and I would like to pay my tributes to him. He was blessed with his voice and simplistic singing...well not so simplistic but it sounded simple. I have been listening and enjoying his songs since my childhood and I feel he was among the batch of singers from the past who was given top class poetry and melody. That being the reason for so much popularity of his songs. I sang this song last year but could not upload before.

This song looks like a simple song but it knocked me out when I started to sing its first antara...too high in pitch for me. The second antara was a relief but by then my vocal chords had almost given up and it became so difficult to finish the ending mukhda in the same vocal texture as at the start. I tried my best. I hope friends enjoy this popular song from Kabhi Kabhie in my voice.

Original Singer: Mukesh
Music Director: Khaiyyam Sharma
Lyricist: Sahir Ludhiyanvi
Film: Kabhi Kabhie (1976)

I would also like to add a translation for friends who do not understand Hindi/Urdu well.

I am a poet only for a moment or two
My story will be over in a few moments
My existence is only for a moment or two
My youth will be over in a few moments
I am a poet only for a second or two

Many poets came before me
And after coming, departed
Some went filled with sighs
And some went singing songs
They were only the story of a moment in time
I too am only the story of a moment
Tomorrow I will be separated from you
But for today, I’m a part of you
I am a poet of a moment or two, no more.

Tomorrow new songs will arrive
Freshly bloomed blossoms to be plucked
There will be better poets than me
And better listeners than you
Tomorrow, someone might remember me
But why should anyone remember me?
For my sake, why should this busy world
Waste its time?
I am a poet only for a moment or two

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