Kaahe Ko Biyahe Bides - a Wedding song
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One of the few wedding songs I like. These songs not just present the mood of the occasion but also represents the culture associated with them so tightly. After the Muslims began arriving or conquering (whatever!) in India a lot of pot melting took place, the ultimate outcome of it was not religion, but it was cultural change that we see in present day Sub-Continent. Hindvi language was the language of the rulers of the time that began amalgamating with Arabic, Persian and Turkish to form what present day Hindi-Urdu sounds, with a little bit of difference. Amir Khusro (1253 - 1325) comes into picture who was born in India to a Muslim father and a Hindu Rajput mother and who considered himself totally Indian. He gave a lot of poetry and music and if interested you can check out this link https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Amir_Khusrow

This song is quite a close copy of Amir Khusro's work. You may find a bit more closer in male voices on YT. The original Mukhda line is "Kaahe Ko Biyahi Bides"...meaning why did You (the father of the girl) got your daughter married out of town? But here in this song the word Biyahi has been replaced with Biyahe, which changes the meaning of the line as follows. "Why are you getting you daughter married out of town"...meaning the daughter is still not married....hence this song for the film. This could also have been sung by a male singer as well but because of the cultural tradition of women singing during shaadi-biyah this song was sung by Jagjit Kaur and picturized in a similar setting. The lyrics are slightly changed from the original but are not much different from it. The original has many more antaras and so many words that people have forgotten and don't use any more. One such word is Lackhiya in the mukhda used for the father. I am not sure but I believe it means a rich father. Being rich he could have chosen a local guy for a bride for his daughter and helped supported him to blend with his status. Thus the girl would not be far away from her family. Also in one line the father is said to have given a bunglow or two to his son...which makes me believe that Lackhiya Babul definitely means a Rich Father...LoL.

I was happy to have found this track via MG notification when they added it two weeks ago. The track is OK for the singing part but when it comes to interludes MG tracks are mostly crappy so I have swapped first two interludes with the original song so at-least the song sound nicer during the start. Hope you all like it.

Original Singer: Jagjit Kaur
Music Director: Khaiyyam
Lyricist: Sheheryar
Film: Umrao Jaan 1981

Licence : All Rights Reserved