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  • Bechain Nazar Betab Jigar - a Talat Mehmood song 02 Feb 2021 Beautiful oldie that most of you must be familiar with. Talat Mehmood was my first favorite singer when I restarted listening songs carefully while I had just finished school and entered college. Those were C-60 Tape days and what a craze many of us must have gone through. Years later I came across a site where Talat Mehmood's son Khalid Mehmood began sharing samples of his father's songs digitized for the first time on most latest audio equipment in a studio somewhere in New York and began charging for each download. I think that was around 2004 0r 2005. I too bought a few songs to see what did I miss in the recordings that I had on tapes. Honestly I did not enjoy any of his digital conversions, be it for the quality, speed or even slight variation in pitch/formant . I realized what I was used to listening on tapes had already embossed or etched enough impression in my head that I was not willing to accept any change to the songs I dearly loved and enjoyed listening again and again. Also this was a track that I created with the help of Praveen, one Dr. Saxena from eSnips days who removed vocals from the cover of Talat Mehmood's own singing for a live recording. That was a time when removing vocals was a challenge in itself but final mixing all pieces into one legible track was what I used to enjoy very much. Presenting that lovely song for you all to listen and I hope you enjoy it as well. Original Singer: Talat Mehmood Music Director: C. Ramachandra Lyricist: Jaan Nisar Akhtar Film: Yasmin (1955)
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  • Chalkaye Jaam - a Rafi song 26 Jan 2021 Another lovely song that I got inspired to sing after listening a cover of it from Wazif. I realized the pitch of the track is a bit too high for me so I adjusted where I could sing comfortably. Hope you enjoy listening my cover. Original Singer: Muhammad Rafi Music Directors: Laxmikant - Pyarelal Lyricist: Majrooh Sultanpuri Film: Mere Humdam Mere Dost (1968)
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  • Aaye Tum Yaad Mujhe - a Kishore Kumar song 19 Jan 2021 A very beautiful song I have sung this time and would like to share with you all. When you listen you will immediately recognize who might have composed it. S.D. Burman was a genius at presenting simplest of melodies that sounded complicated. You only realize when you begin to play the tune on a keyboard or a harmonium that how simple the note changes and transitions are. I presume even a beginner can play this tune. Chandra Ji's cover a few weeks back inspired me to cover it also. I hope you enjoy my cover. Original Singer: Kishore Kumar Music Director: S.D. Burman Lyricist: Yogesh Gaur Film: Mili 1975
    Muzaffar.N... 00:04:40 123 1 Downloads 24 Comments
  • Main Shayer To Nahin - Film Bobby song 12 Jan 2021 This song also became popular after Bobby was released but it's video tapes for VCR's arrived in Pakistan after several years. I remember video cassette rental shops in Karachi used to tell its customers that these tapes arrive from Dubai. Remember those used to be big tapes each one hour long and the entry of Indian film tapes was banned in Pakistan, so you can imagine yourself what other means might have been adopted to get them into Karachi:). Anyways the film too became popular but this song became even more popular as it was sung by a singer that was new with a different voice. I liked this song and thought of singing and sharing it with you friends too. Hope you enjoy it. Original Singer: Shailendra Singh Music Directors: Laxmikant-Pyarelal Lyricist: Anand Bakhshi Film: Bobby 1973
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  • Ek Haseen Sham Ko - a Rafi song 05 Jan 2021 Another beautiful song that I got inspired to sing after listening from friends here. Hope you all enjoy my cover, my first one in 2021. Original Singer: Muhammad Rafi Music Director: Madan Mohan Lyricist: Raja Mehdi Ali Khan Film: Dulhan Ek Raat Ki (1966)
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  • Aise To Na Dekho - a Rafi song 29 Dec 2020 Trying to sing remainder of popular songs that I liked most, especially after listening to covers presented by friends here. What a naturally talented and knowledgeable musician S.D. Burman was. Those who have listened to his music can figure out very quickly from the simplicity of melody, style of playing instruments, use of certain instruments and interludes... all technically very simple but sounding so complex. This is an art only a very knowledgeable and experienced musician could achieve. Presenting one such song hope you enjoy it. Original Singer: Muhammad Rafi Music Director: S.D. Burman Lyricist: Majrooh Sultanpuri Film: Teen Deviyaan (1965)
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  • Pehla Nasha Pehla Khumar 22 Dec 2020 "HAPPY HOLIDAYS TO ALL OF MY FRIENDS ON YOURLISTEN" Sang and recorded one of my favorite songs after quite a long break. Hope you enjoy it as a solo cover in my voice. My voice has become even more rusty and it has become difficult to maintain a uniform texture but I like this song very much and thought of trying it. Jatin and Lalit brothers are my most favorite music directors from the newer lot of composers. Their music is so refreshing, creative and naturally musical, and that so with such consistency that almost every song of theirs was almost a hit song. Original Singers: Udit Narayan-Sadhna Sargam Music Directors: Jatin-Lalit Lyricist: Majrooh Sultanpuri Film: Jo Jeeta Jeeta Wohi Sikandar (1992)
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  • Teri Duniya Se Hoke Majboor Chala - a Kishore Kumar song Tuesday, 13 Oct 2020 Another beautiful song of Kishore Kumar that I loved since I first heard probably during 1970 and I still love to listen. Jaidev is known of have composed songs that he wrote himself but Prem Dhavan was also among those music directors who wrote their own lyrics. Hope you all enjoy my cover. Original Singer: Kishore Kumar Music Composer & Lyricist: Prem Dhavan Film: Pavittar Papi (1969)
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  • O' Mere Dilke Chain - a Kishore Kumar song 08 Oct 2020 I dedicate this cover to Sandip who reminded me of this song today and I thought that I must have shared this song long ago on YL, but I was mistaken as I could not find in my big list of uploaded songs here. Off course I love this song and who wouldn't among our group. So thought of sharing it right away as I already missed two Tuesdays. I hope you all enjoy my cover for this song. Original Singer: Kishore Kumar Music Director: R.D. Burman Lyricist: Majrooh Sultanpuri Film: Mere Jeevan Saathi (1972)
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  • Tujhse Naraz Nahin Zindagi A very good song by Gulzar and R.D. Burman that was sung by Lata and also by Anup Ghoshal but I think Lata's version became more popular. The one change I adopted in this song was plain singing instead of a small narrative part "Chhuppa Ke Rakkha Tha". Typical style of Gulzar's lyrics in this song but RD's genius made it a very melodious. Hope you enjoy my cover. Original Singer: Lata (Anup Ghoshal also sang male version) Music Director: R.D. Burman Lyricist: Gulzar Film: Masoom (1983)
    Muzaffar.N... 00:03:48 156 1 Downloads 21 Comments
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