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  • Jab Chali Thandi Hawa - Aasha Bhosle song
    Jab Chali Thandi Hawa - Aasha Bhosle song A pretty song by Aasha Bhosle which I am sure many must already be familiar with. Despite having all the fun elements including it picturization you will feel a sense of dard in it too. I liked this song since long and now sharing with you friends. Original Singer: Aasha Bhosle Music Director: Ravi Lyricist: Shakeel Badayuni Film: Do Badan 1966
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  • Honton Se Choo Lo Tum
    Honton Se Choo Lo Tum This was a forgotten project. I sang it in 2012 and moved to other popular songs only to discover recently that it needs to be mixed. When young 5 years seem a long time ago but once you cross 60's, 5 years doesn't seem that long. This song has been much sought after by people who like to sing Jagjit Singh. Hope you enjoy this cover.
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  • Aa Laut Ke Aaja Mere Meet - a Mukesh song
    Aa Laut Ke Aaja Mere Meet - a Mukesh song Quite a popular song from the 50's. I think such songs inspired later producers to continue using Mukesh's voice in their films. The most challenging for me to sing was the very first Laut Ke Aa otherwise it is a simple song...melodious with nice lyrics. I hope you enjoy this song in my voice. Original Singer: Mukesh Composer: S.N. Tripathi Lyricist: Bharat Viyas Film: Rani Rupmati (1957)
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  • Aur Kuch Der Thehar - a Rafi song
    Aur Kuch Der Thehar - a Rafi song This song was a lovely find for me. I liked this song very much upon my first listen and I felt I must have listened it long back too. The last antara has a line which I am sure some fanatic must have raised eyebrows considering it controversial from his belief. I once saw a whole article describing list of songs where the same subject was versed in various styles. This is just an artistic opinion and has nothing to do with religion. After reading the entire article I was amused at how much time and effort he put into research all such songs. He could have simply gone to his place of worship and prayed to God...instead he listened and I am sure he enjoyed the hell out of them. I must say no one can say that he listened Rafi and did not enjoy...LOL!!! The song is very simple but I am giving almost a word to word translation for friends who do not understand Urdu to that extent. I hope you all enjoy. Stay a bit more - don't go as yet Night isn't done yet, it still has some pleasure left Despite getting you, the desire (greed) to get you remains Stay a bit more - don't go as yet If the color of your body scatter and disperse in air O' friend your beauty will further increase The times are cruel but not as much If you stay in my arms the time will stop Stay a bit more - don't go as yet I can sacrifice my life into these feet (of your's) O' beautiful statue I could make you a God Stay a bit more - don't go as yet Original Singer: Mohammad Rafi Music Director: Khaiyyam Lyricist:Kaifi Aazmi Film: Aakhri Khat 1966
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  • Ek Naye Mod Pe - another Mehdi Hassan song
    Ek Naye Mod Pe - another Mehdi Hassan song This song was recently covered by Wazif but I liked it very much since I heard this song and watched the film in 1967. Waheed Murad and Zeba were hot favorites stars then. Their films were good and entertaining. Simple stories, simpler times and melodious music. This was also a Waheed Murad/Zeba film that I liked very much. I still remember its lyrics by heart but I do always keep a sheet with hand written lyrics in front of me while recording vocals where I put my own intonations to assist me sing in the way I want to. Very nice song it is and I hope you all enjoy it too. Original Singer: Mehdi Hassan, Music Director: Sohail Rana Lyricist: Masroor Anwar Film: Ehsaan 1967
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  • Dil-e-Veeran Hai Teri Yaad Hai - a Mehdi Hassan song
    Dil-e-Veeran Hai Teri Yaad Hai - a Mehdi Hassan song No upload from friends today! A bit unusual for a Tuesday. Then, when I tried to upload I found something is wrong with YL and I could not upload despite several tries including using a different browser. I usually upload in the morning time but thought to try again at night and it seems the upload took place as it normally does. Not sure until I click the Proceed button. And if it does I will upload one more song...LoL. I know I have two Indian friends Chandaran Ji and Mehta Sahab who admire listening Mehdi Hassan songs...so I dedicate these songs to them, plus off course our dear friend Wazif who has now returned to forum after quite a gap and who covered one of these songs recently and requested me to cover it too. So here is the first one. Hope you enjoy it. Original Singer: Mehdi Hassan Music Director: Manzoor Ashraf Lyricist: Khwaja Pervaiz Film: Aaina 1966
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  • Lo Aa Gayi Unki Yaad - a Lata song
    Lo Aa Gayi Unki Yaad - a Lata song This has always been a song that I liked very much and while listening to Lata's songs composed by Madan Mohan I always thought that this must too be Madan Mohan's, but it turned out to be by another Maestro Ravi. It is a sad song apparently sung for a situation where it seems (from the lyrics) that the woman singing this song is dying and her calls for her beloved to return have failed. As much as I would love to write a translation but I just failed to find an appropriate word for Lo in Lo Aa Gayi Unki Yaad in English:). Some words are just meant to be like that in every language. In the last antara there is a word Lau...it sounds similar to Lo but is not. It means a Flame. Lau Tharthara Rahi Hai Ab Shamm-e-Zindagi Ki means the flame of life (as in a candle) is about to extinguish. The song is not so gender specific and since I liked it much I sang it. This song should also be covered by our female members. Hope you enjoy listening this song in my voice. Original Singer; Lata Mangeshkar Music Director: Ravi Lyricist: Shakeel Badayuni Film: Do Badan 1966
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  • Apne Honton Per Sajana Chahta Hoon
    Apne Honton Per Sajana Chahta Hoon Sharing cover of a beautiful ghazal penned by Qateel Shifayee and sung by Jagjit Singh. The poetry is very simple but very stylish. Though you will probably all understand it right away but I feel like giving a translation too...off course a very simple one too. Presenting here with minor deviations of my own. I want to decorate You on my lips Come I want to sing, You By dropping a tear on your Daman (flap of the shirt) I want to make the Drop, a Pearle I am tired by remembering/recalling you (constantly) Now I want Me to appear in Your thoughts Entire basti (town) is enclaved in darkness For light, I want to burn my house I want my last hiccup to come on your lap Even the death, I want it to be poetic Hope you all enjoy this in my voice
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  • Raaz-e-Dil Unse Chhupaya Na Gaya
    Raaz-e-Dil Unse Chhupaya Na Gaya Happy Holidays friends. Hope you are all enjoying. I wanted to upload a Lata Ji song today but all our female singers are missing from the forum so I will delay it till they return. I sang several pending Rafi songs that I got opportunity to sing in this month. A very melodiously lovely short song and I think it was not as popular, though it is Ravi's composition. I hope you will enjoy this oldie. Original Singer: Mohammad Rafi Music Director: Ravi Lyricist: Asad Bhopali Film: Apna Banake Dekho 1965
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  • Aapke Haseen Rukh Pe - a Rafi song
    Aapke Haseen Rukh Pe - a Rafi song Today is Rafi Sahab's birthday. I was expecting many uploads but I heard only two on this occasion, so thought to share one beside my regular upload. I remember I missed to pay my tribute to Rafi last year but this year I won't. A very popular song which I should have covered a long time ago but viewing my projects I found several songs that I started but never sang or completed them. Most of them are Rafi songs which I am singing one after the other. Hope friends enjoy this romantic song in a not so romantic voice of mine...LoL. Happy Birthday Rafi Saab where ever you are. Your's was a heavenly voice and singing. You have left an enormous trail of songs for us to cherish and sing. We sing and yet feel hopeless as to how much we can accomplish with your songs but this is why we love you and remember you. Original Singer: Mohammad Rafi Music Director: O.P. Naiyyar Lyricist: Anjaan Film: Baharen Phir Bhi Aayengi (1966)
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