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  • Ye Jo Mohabbat Hai - a Kishore song
    Ye Jo Mohabbat Hai - a Kishore song Neither Kishore is alive, nor RD nor Anand Bakhshi but their work in Kati Patang is still alive. Life is like a patang, it keeps flying for as long as someone is holding the string. Patang kat gayi phir bhi aaj tak ude ja rahi hai...not because of the film but because of the songs it had. Every song was top notch...unforgettable. Presenting my cover from 2011. Hope you all enjoy. Original Singer: Kishore Kumar Music Director: R.D. Burman Lyricist: Anand Bakhshi Film: Kati Patang (1970)
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  • Duniya Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein
    Duniya Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein This song was shared by Chandrasekharan Ji last week and me despite not singing much these days got so much tempted that I sang it too. I had this track made by Shahid Kamal with me for a while but had totally forgotten about it. I had bought many tracks from him but not this one. It was shared by someone hence it kept sitting in an unnamed folder until I searched and found it on my PC. Very popular song in Pakistan it used to be but it became more popular when Mehdi Hassan sang it in ghazal style. Remember this is not a ghazal, it is just a song. In those days it was customary to use a ghazal too in the films and I remember there was one ghazal "Bhaven Tanti Hain Khanjar Haath Mein Hai" by Daagh Dehelvi, which was sung by Noor Jahan. Waheed Murad and Zeba were very popular acting couple those days in Pakistan. This track is prepared from the film version but I have tried to fuse the landing lines as in ghazal version. Sharing my cover for it hope you all enjoy it. Original Singer: Mehdi Hassan Lyricist: Dukhi Premnagri Composer: Lal Mohammad Iqbal Film: Jaag Utha Insan (1966)
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  • Socha Tha Main Ne To Aye Jaan Meri
    Socha Tha Main Ne To Aye Jaan Meri Uploading a song after 3 months. I have have never abstained from singing for so long but felt like singing this song yesterday and now presenting to you friends for your listen. It used to be my favorite song but had forgotten about it. Couldn't find a good quality track but this MG track is also not that bad. Only today I discovered that it is an RD song no wonder I liked it so much. Hope you enjoy this lovely sad song. Original Singer: Kishore Kumar Music Director: R.D. Burman Lyricist: Majrooh Sultanpuri Film: Chandi Sona (1977)
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  • Jhoom Barabar Jhoom Sharabi - an Aziz Nazan Qawwali
    Jhoom Barabar Jhoom Sharabi - an Aziz Nazan Qawwali Friends I will not be regular for some time on this site but I will listen every upload for which I receive a notification. I am busy with the family and providing care to my ailing dog. So until he gives up I won't and hence my participation here will be reduced. This is a famous qawwali from the past. I loved it but singing it in its original scale was impossible for me. So I did an interesting edit to the MG track by raising its pitch by three notes, adding some percussion and other instruments to it but singing an entire octave low. This poetry is all about praising sharab. I found an incomplete translation of it on the net and sharing with you all. Hope you enjoy this qawwali that I recorded in 2010. Na haram mein, naa sukoon milta hai butkhaane mein Chain milta hai to Saaqi tere maikhaane mein No respite is there in the pure sanctuary nor in the holy shrine If there is any solace anywhere, O Saqi, it is the house of wine Jhoom, jhoom, jhoom Jhoom baraabar jhoom sharaabi, jhoom baraabar jhoom Kaali ghata hai, aa aa…, mast fazaa hai, aa aa… Kaali ghata hai mast fazaa hai, jaam uthaakar ghoom ghoom ghoom Jhoom baraabar … Sway, sway, sway Sway in rhythm, O Drinker, Sway Rain clouds are overhead, the atmosphere is divine Rain clouds are overheard,the atmosphere is divine Pick up the drink of wine, ecstasy display Sway in rhythm, O Drinker, in your joy sway Aaj angoor ki beti se mohabbat kar le Sheikh saahab ki nasihat se baghaavat kar le Iski beti ne uthaa rakhi hai sar par duniya Yeh to achchha hua ke angoor ko beta naa hua Kamsekam soorat-e-Saaqi ka nazaaraa kar le Aake maikhaane mein jeene ka sahaara kar le Aankh milte hi jawaani ka mazaa aayega Tujhko angoor ke paani ka mazaa aayega Har nazar apnii basad shauq gulaabi kar de Itani peele ke zamaane ko sharaabi kar de Jaam jab saamne aaye to mukarna kaisa Baat jab peene ki aajaye to darnaa kaisa Romance today the daughter of the worthy grape From the Sheikh’s advice, let obedience escape The daughter has alone created a great sensation Its well a son to the vine was denied by creation Bestow a glance at least on the Saqi’s radiant face Come to the tavern and take support for life’s race As the eyes mingle, you’ll feel the youth’s pleasure The grape-water’s thrill you’ll find in full measure Make every sight of yours pleasantly rosy-pink hued Drink to the extent the entire world appears stewed When the goblet is there, Why let the hand be stayed? When the matter is now of drinking, why be so afraid?
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  • Aansu Samajh Ke Kyoun Mujhe-a Talat Mehmood song
    Aansu Samajh Ke Kyoun Mujhe-a Talat Mehmood song Salil Chowdhury's music is vibrant, artistic, technical whatever you may want to call it...it is always beautiful. I loved this song since long so when I decided to sing it I had to prepare my own track. To keep the flavor intact what I did was to place the start from the original into my track and blend its tabla beat with drums in my track. The change is noticeable but not unpleasant. The beat is Waltz, my favorite. Hope you enjoy my cover, a remix because of an unlike original like track. Quite an old recording I believe from the eSnips time. Original Singer: Talat Mehmood Music Composer: Salil Chowdhury Lyricist: Rajendar Krishan Film: Chhaya 1961
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  • Meri Bheegi Bheegi Si - a Kishore Kumar song
    Meri Bheegi Bheegi Si - a Kishore Kumar song Friends this is my 200th upload. I never thought I would ever be able to upload that many songs on one single site after loosing sites like eSnips and Muziboo. Myself and some other friends started to upload here thinking this site might die soon too but it went on. This song has been one of my most favorite songs and the one I was asked to sing so many times during my College/University days in Karachi. It's a bit strange song too as it has tremendous amount of "Shikwa" right from the start till end of this song. I remember changing a line Guzre Jidhar Se to Guzroon Jidhar Se. I did this because the lover in Hindi/Urdu poetry never wants his beloved blamed. Guzre Jidhar Se would mean beloved getting the blame where ever she walks by as compared to Guzroon Jidhar Se...meaning Hero taking the blame instead. Hope you all enjoy my cover. I think I first shared it on eSnips...a long time:) Original Singer: Kishore Kumar Music Director: R.D. Burman Lyricist: Majrooh Sultanpuri Film: Anamika 1973
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  • Aye Husn Zara Jaag Tujhe - a Rafi song
    Aye Husn Zara Jaag Tujhe - a Rafi song A beautiful song I was introduced few weeks ago by Chandrasekharan Nair Ji on this forum. There are many such Rafi Saab songs that did not become very popular but it does not mean they have less value than the popular ones. A so so MG track it is. Have tried to blend in with the track in the mix. Hope you enjoy this cover. Original Singer: Mohammad Rafi Music Director: Naushad Lyricist: Shakeel Badayuni Film: Mere Mehboob 1963
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  • Khwaab Ho Tum Ya Koi Haqeeqat-a Kishore Kumar song
    Khwaab Ho Tum Ya Koi Haqeeqat-a Kishore Kumar song A month ago I tried to upload this song but it did not properly registered on the site as I had difficulty accessing it myself. I love this song and like to share with you all. Original Singer: Kishore Kumar Music Director: S.D. Burman Lyricist: Majrooh Sultanpuri Film: Teen Devian (1965)
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  • O' Saathi Re Tere Bina Bhi Kya Jeena - a Kishore song
    O' Saathi Re Tere Bina Bhi Kya Jeena - a Kishore song Very popular song from its time. Beautiful composition with an element of sadness in it. Hope you enjoy this song in my cover. Original Singer: Kishore Kumar Music Directors: Kalyanji-AnandJi Lyricist: Anjaan Film: Muqaddar Ka Sikandar (1978)
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  • Kahan Ho Tum Chale Aao - Shahnaz Begum song
    Kahan Ho Tum Chale Aao - Shahnaz Begum song Wazif introduced it several weeks ago but I also ended up covering this one as it has been very nostalgic to me since it was aired on Radio and TV in Pakistan. I don't remember exactly but it was early 70's and Shehnaz Begum was still residing in Pakistan. What a beautiful voice got lost to the separation of East Pakistan. Those were her teenage days and people liked not only her voice and gayeki, she was also very charming and photogenic. She spoke Urdu well and sang so many patriotic songs, geet and ghazals while she was there. Over time lot of things faded but her voice still remains with those who saw and heard her on TV. Almost every song she sang became very popular, including this one which I am sharing with you today. She seem to have changed a 180 degrees to what I remember seeing her in the 70's. Her present videos show her wearing a Hijab and playing Harmonium and singing along...that looks quite weird...LoL...but that's OK if she wants it like that. I love her voice and singing which she does so powerfully even today. Original Singer: Shehnaz Begum Music Composer: Sohail Rana Poet: Behzad Lackhnavi
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