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  • Hazaron Khwahishen Aisee - Mirza Ghalib Poetry
    Hazaron Khwahishen Aisee - Mirza Ghalib Poetry I have said this on a number of occasions that no one has composed better music/melody for Mirza Ghalib's poetry. He seem to have a total grasp on Ghalib's poetry. His tunes reflect that 200 year old era with minimal and essential instruments but with modern sounds. I began trying to understand Ghalib's poetry since I was 16 years old with the help of my Mother. The more I read the more I enjoyed, even sometimes not understanding but I sensed and knew the verse is great. Many people have tried their hands with English translation but they all seemed to have noticed the matter on the surface only. This might have been due to the fact that Ghalib's pupil named Altaf Hussain Haali gave the most simplest translation in Urdu for the masses to at-least appreciate the poetry, its meter and the musicality it holds. But when I read his poetry I found more philosophy in it...some times hidden. Ghalib was not a conservative man...rather he was very progressive and liberal and one could sense he was not a believer of religion. He was extremely smart with his writing so as to not hurt the feelings of Muslims of his time but he paved a way for the future poets to examine this aspect bit more. If you notice the Preacher, the Mulla were his villains and a Drinker and Alcohol were his heroes. He tried to explain the real facts of life. He questioned religious beliefs but so artistically that no one complained...in fact they enjoyed. I have seen many very religious persons appreciating his poetry despite knowing the hidden meaning. I am very thankful to Adina for this track. It is a special track and I thought that I must have already sung and recorded it long ago as it is one of my most favorite poetry of Ghalib but I did not as I never had a track. Hope friends enjoy this ghazal in my voice. Translation from internet: Thousands of desires, each worth dying for... many of them I have realized...yet I yearn for more... We have heard about the dismissal of Adam from Heaven, With a more humiliation, I am leaving the street on which you live... When in love, there is little difference between life and death we live by looking at the infidel who we are willing to die for For god's sake, don't lift the cover off any secrets you tyrant the infidel might turn out to be my lover! The preacher and the bar's entrance are way apart yet I saw him entering the bar as I was leaving!
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  • Aye Gham-e-Dil Kya Karun - Majaz's Poetry
    Aye Gham-e-Dil Kya Karun - Majaz's Poetry As a hobby I enjoy reading about people associated with Hindi/Urdu Films. I feel very lucky to be alive in a time where so much is available for view. While browsing for new films posted on my IPTV Box I saw a title named Majaz - Aye Gham-e-Dil Kya Karun and I just could not resist to watch it right away. This film was presented as a real life story about Majaz, his talent for writing poetry, his failed love affair and his early demise. I prepared and sang this song cover in 2007. That was also the time when I learnt more about him. His real name was Asrar-ul-Haq (1911-1955) and had become an established poet quite early in his life. Jawed Akhtar, a present day top poet in Hindustan explained in one of YT clips that Majaz was his maternal uncle and that he was only 10 years old when Majaz passed away. It is unbelievable to learn that how many top notch writers and poets got produced from the amalgamation of native Sanskirit/Hindustani into a mixture of Hindi and Urdu. People in general assumed that poets who wrote for films were less qualified as Poets/Shayers but that was not true. That was only an egoistic spread of words by poets who could not sell or did not want to sell their poetry to film makers. One thing I learnt is that whether they wrote for films or not, if they were in demand by the public they were great. Almost all poets who wrote for film like Kaifi Aazmi, Jan Nisar Akhtar, Majrooh, Sahir, Shakeel, Shailendra, Anand Bakhshi, Khumar Barabankvi, Hasrat Jaipuri, Jawed Akhtar, Gulzar and even Neeraj, Indeevar and Yogesh had their own published collection of authentic verses, which sometimes was also used in films. But we all know that when they were called to write for films their hands were tied with the situation given to them by the Producers and Directors. Most of the time they had to write on a meter prescribed by the Music Director, which must have made their task even harder. But see such work prevailed and we all love those creations and still enjoy listening to them. Hope you enjoy listening my cover too. There was no track available at the time so I prepared my own. Presenting this lovely ghazal/song as my tribute to all such listeners like you. Original Singer: Talat Mehmood Music Composer: Sardar Malik Lyricist: Majaz Lackhnavi Film: Thokar (1953)
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  • Ye Sham Mastani - a Kishore Kumar song
    Ye Sham Mastani - a Kishore Kumar song One of my most favorite song that I don't know why I never recorded before. I sound a bit different which I realized when I finished recording that I was beginning to catch cold and allergies yesterday. Thanks to Montreal's unpredictable weather and pollen flying around this time of the year. I have decided to change image upload for the cover with Music Director and Lyrics Writer instead of the film Title image. We all know such films and who sang. What I want to focus now is to show who were the real geniuses behind such creations. Most popular lyricists like Majrooh, Sahir, Shailendra are well known and I believe many of us can recognize them from their pictures but there are some very top notch Lyricists whom we only (hardly) know when their name is presented in credits. This is just a start and I am sure you all know these two faces of RD and Anand Bakhshi in the image to the right. I have been doing some reading about Neeraj, Indeevar and Yogesh and I found that they were also almost no less than other stalwarts. It is just a coincidence or hard luck that they didn't get to write enough songs otherwise they were just as brilliant with their poetry as them. I hope you enjoy this cover. I am glad to have collected a big bunch of High Quality karaoke tracks for such oldies and wish to sing as many left over songs that I couldn't or didn't recorded yet. Original Singer: Kishore Kumar Music Director: R.D. Burman Lyricist: Anand Bakhshi Film: Kati Patang (1971)
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  • Beqarar Karke Humen Yun Na Jaiye - a Hemant Kumar song
    Beqarar Karke Humen Yun Na Jaiye - a Hemant Kumar song Very popular song that is still as fresh and new as it was released back in 1962. Hope you enjoy my cover of this song too. Original Singer: Hemant Kumar Music Composer: Hemant Kumar Lyricist: Shakeel Badayuni Film: Bees Saal Baad 1962
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  • Teri Pyari Pyari Surat Ko - a Rafi song
    Teri Pyari Pyari Surat Ko - a Rafi song Quite a fav song of mine with beautiful ghazal like lyrics and melodious tune. Every body knows this song, especially those who are into Indian oldies. Presenting in a way how I perceived it in my memory when I sang and recorded. Hope you enjoy the song. Original Singer: Mohammad Rafi Music Directors: Shankar-Jaikishan Lyricist: Hasrat Jaipuri Film: Sasural (1961)
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  • Kaahe Ko Biyahe Bides - a Wedding song
    Kaahe Ko Biyahe Bides - a Wedding song One of the few wedding songs I like. These songs not just present the mood of the occasion but also represents the culture associated with them so tightly. After the Muslims began arriving or conquering (whatever!) in India a lot of pot melting took place, the ultimate outcome of it was not religion, but it was cultural change that we see in present day Sub-Continent. Hindvi language was the language of the rulers of the time that began amalgamating with Arabic, Persian and Turkish to form what present day Hindi-Urdu sounds, with a little bit of difference. Amir Khusro (1253 - 1325) comes into picture who was born in India to a Muslim father and a Hindu Rajput mother and who considered himself totally Indian. He gave a lot of poetry and music and if interested you can check out this link https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Amir_Khusrow This song is quite a close copy of Amir Khusro's work. You may find a bit more closer in male voices on YT. The original Mukhda line is "Kaahe Ko Biyahi Bides"...meaning why did You (the father of the girl) got your daughter married out of town? But here in this song the word Biyahi has been replaced with Biyahe, which changes the meaning of the line as follows. "Why are you getting you daughter married out of town"...meaning the daughter is still not married....hence this song for the film. This could also have been sung by a male singer as well but because of the cultural tradition of women singing during shaadi-biyah this song was sung by Jagjit Kaur and picturized in a similar setting. The lyrics are slightly changed from the original but are not much different from it. The original has many more antaras and so many words that people have forgotten and don't use any more. One such word is Lackhiya in the mukhda used for the father. I am not sure but I believe it means a rich father. Being rich he could have chosen a local guy for a bride for his daughter and helped supported him to blend with his status. Thus the girl would not be far away from her family. Also in one line the father is said to have given a bunglow or two to his son...which makes me believe that Lackhiya Babul definitely means a Rich Father...LoL. I was happy to have found this track via MG notification when they added it two weeks ago. The track is OK for the singing part but when it comes to interludes MG tracks are mostly crappy so I have swapped first two interludes with the original song so at-least the song sound nicer during the start. Hope you all like it. Original Singer: Jagjit Kaur Music Director: Khaiyyam Lyricist: Sheheryar Film: Umrao Jaan 1981
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  • Din Dhal Jaye Hai Raat Na Jaye
    Din Dhal Jaye Hai Raat Na Jaye Upload Date: 29 May 2018 I thought I had already uploaded this song early this year but it turned out it was only my assumption. Thanks to Krishnadas Bro who shared his lovely cover two weeks ago which reminded me that I sang it too along with several other songs and just forgot to share. This is also among those songs that never get old. This track is also beautiful and any one who checks it out can never go without singing it. As for its lyrics without checking the credits I would straight forwardly name Sahir Ludhiyanvi...but it was actually Shailendra Ji. What top poets we had during that time. They could write in any style not just for themselves but upon demand from film directors and producers. The melody is top notch and every thing was summed up with total grace when Rafi sang it and justified all who were involved at creating this song. Mine is a very small attempt at this song which I enjoyed while singing and I hope you enjoy it too. Original Singer: Mohammad Rafi Music Director: S.D. Burman Lyricist: Shailendra Film: Guide (1965)
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  • Aye Meri Zohra Jabeen - a Manna Dey song
    Aye Meri Zohra Jabeen - a Manna Dey song A beautiful Qawwali styled song of Manna Dey I am sharing once again after almost 10 years. Simple song it seems but when came the third line of first antara with Main Teri...Main Teri that Chatti Ka Doodh Yaad Aagaya...LoL...I don't know what its English equivalent would be but it means something like a hard pill to swallow. But I liked this song and wanted to sing no matter what scale...so I dropped it to my comfort zone. To compensate for the dullness in vocals, a bit high compression and raising vocal amplitude at frequency around 2.7KHz helps boosts little bit of tonal energy. I enjoy sharing my experience with the mixing...some thing that changes every time I look into an old project. This mix is how felt about it today. Hope you all enjoy it. I did changed a word in the third line. I used Dhang instead of Fun in Dilon Ko Jeetne Ka....Jo Tujh Mein Hai, as I felt Fun (Art) may have been more appropriate in the film but for my cover I felt I better use Dhang (which means "Saleeqa" in Hindi-Urdu). Original Singer: Manna Dey Music Director: Ravi Lyricist: Sahir Ludhiyanvi Film: Waqt 1965
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  • Dukhi Mun Mere Sun Mera Kehna
    Dukhi Mun Mere Sun Mera Kehna A lovely sad song. While checking the credits I am amazed at how new this song feels...may be because I never lost touch with it since I heard it first. It still feels like a present day song. Totally S.D.Burman style melody that I am sure you must have all listened it. Hope you all enjoy my cover. Original Singer: Kishore Kumar Music Director: S.D. Burman Lyricist: Sahir Ludhiyanvi Film: Funtoosh 1956
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  • Duniya Se Jane Waale - a Nitin Mukesh song
    Duniya Se Jane Waale - a Nitin Mukesh song This is not the first time I am sharing this song. This song has become among my most most favorite songs. What a song this is and with what emotions this has been written and composed. Nitin Mukesh has sung it with immense feel and I firmly feel that I have sung it so too. When ever I listen this song I recall remembering my parents first, then my father and mother in law, Hansa Mehta (an old eSnips friend), NVK Ji, my Sweety ( I will not mention who she was but she was my beloved of 14 years), my younger sister Deeba and some of my friends who left this world. When I got the news of Ananad Sawkar Ji the first thing that came to my mind was this song. Anand Ji was like an elder brother to me. I even yelled at him when I felt he is not attending to our friends but I respected him at the same time too. He figured and realized what I meant very quickly and we became instant friends for ever. I would like to share a few things that I had discussed with him. He was a Marathi which I was not. He was a Hindu which I was not but yet I felt he was like a brother to me. It was most of the times his desire to speak to me on Skype but to tell you honestly it was mine too. We would discuss songs at length along with his Bollywood experiences as his father was a Cameraman and captured some top shots on silver screen from various actors. I recall an instance when he told me why he disliked Dev Anand. He was a child maybe 8-10 years old when he got a chance to see Dev Anand on stage while his father was filming the shot. Dev Anand disgustingly said about the black child ( or not so good looking) to be removed from the stage...which happened to be young Anand Sawkar. I believe this act remained with him for the rest of his life. He was neither black nor not good looking. Secondly does color matter? He was a beautiful soul that reflected in his singing. Those who talked to him can confirm my statement. I regret telling him when he kept uploading songs and did not commented on ours. But that was long ago and he not only took notice but became one of my best online friends. I talked to him many a times but the last conversation with him was in March 2018 when I figured he has little time. He fought Cancer as bravely and as logically as one can. He was very happy that he moved into a high rise Mumbai apartment complex. His daughter in law played tabla for A.R.Rehman and assisted to record his vocals for his covers. I truly salute people in India who take time to sing and help or assist people who want to. My inner most desire is for India and Pakistan to get united. My life would have been totally different and much more pleasurable had I lived in what India was. Those who took advantage of separating were selfish and not considerate people. Creating Pakistan was so disgusting. How can on piece of land be pure or clean than other? Hindus and Muslims need to understand this. India is among the top real estate if you look into the world map. I might be not alive when our people finally understand all this. Religion is all bullshit...our culture is what there has been. Make it tolerant...love each other and enjoy life. You are all among the most intelligent people...I have zero doubt about this statement. And when I die I would request some one among you to share this song as we will never be able to find out where these souls go. This song was originally sung by Mukesh and he sang it perfectly but I still like the version that was sung by his son Nitin. Every time I listen this song, no matter who's version tears come rolling into my eyes. I would not ask you to enjoy this song...just listen and feel what happens when one of your beloved dies. This is why I like and admire Anand Bakhshi Ji the most. My salutes to Him. Original Singer: Mukesh Music Directors: Laxmikant-Pyarelal Lyricist: Anand Bakhshi Fiml: Pushpanjali 1970
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