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  • SH Bouake May 14 (Compilation) (edit)
    SH Bouake May 14 (Compilation) (edit) Background: Dr Mike decides to Safari the same Oga (Mr Kujo) for a third time: http://forum.419eater.com/forum/viewtopic.php?p=2054345#2054345 Kujo’s Gold Lad (Mr Johnson) is despatched to S@fari Hotel Bouake, Cote d’Ivoire. Geoffrey, Manager of SH Bouake agrees with Kujo that he will have his Deputy Mr Randy drive down to collect Mr Johnson from Abidjan and bring him safely to the Hotel. Inexplicably, the pick-up fails and Johnson is left to pay for a Hotel room that night and the next morning make his own way hundreds of miles north to Bouake. On arrival, Johnson is subjected to days of torment and utter misery, wandering the streets in a country where he does not speak the language, squandering almost all of his remaining money on fruitless wild goose chases in taxis, food, and water. Ready? Sit back, relax, and enjoy the cream of the phone calls, edited down into one track:.
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  • Gunshot in Abidjan (Compilation) (Edit with Music) (Cens)
    Gunshot in Abidjan (Compilation) (Edit with Music) (Cens) THE SCENE. 1. After 5 miserable days of travelling and on the streets of Bouake, Johnson has returned to Abidjan on his way out of Cote d’Ivoire. 2. Geoffrey has agreed to drive down to Abidjan with his Deputy Mr Randy, meet Johnson at the Novotel and give him the large sum of cash representing 50% of the price of the Gold. 3. In return, Johnson will hand Geoffrey a small 5g sample of Gold dust for assaying. 4. In Sweden, the Mugu Mr Alois, and in South Africa, the Oga Mr Kujo, each look on with increasing concern. Here it is: Hours of audio, edited down to a single, fun 30 min episode. Enjoy!
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  • Amsterdam Safaris Sep 16
    Amsterdam Safaris Sep 16 Q: What is the advantage of a faraway Oga’s London rep failing to Safari? A: The Oga sometimes tires of unreliable, distant brodas and flies his own personal foot soldier across the sea to collect the cash. In this case, the same Lad travels from Netherlands to UK and back twice within 6 days.
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  • Frost Safari 11 Sep 16
    Frost Safari 11 Sep 16 After months of baiting, Frost manages to persuade a car full of Lads to drive from London down to Looe, to collect £31 000 GBP from his pal Mr Pr1cky. Unfortunately, confusion ensues and after 5 hours on the road the Lads arrive in Looe, only to be told that Mr Pr1cky has gone to Sunday Chapel at Rame Head. The 3 Lads are most willing to drive there and collect the cash. Except...
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  • Dublin - Rame Head 1 May 14 (Compilation Part One)
    Dublin - Rame Head 1 May 14 (Compilation Part One) Sat in his caravan in Sweden with his phone held away from his ear, Bob Afett could not understand it. His 2 African business partners from the Republic of Ireland and England had both travelled down to meet his old friend and business partner Mr Pr1cky to receive the payment for his Trunk Box. Now, they were on the phone shouting at him. What on earth could have gone wrong...?
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  • Dublin - Rame Head 1 May 14 (Compilation Part 2)
    Dublin - Rame Head 1 May 14 (Compilation Part 2) A bus from Dublin City in the Republic of Ireland (RoI) to Dublin Airport, a flight from RoI to UK, a train from London Heathrow to London Paddington, a train from Paddington to Plymouth, a taxi from Plymouth to Rame Head, an hour wandering around a cliff top in bewilderment, a taxi from Rame Head to the Torpoint ferry, a taxi from Devonport, Plymouth to Plymouth rail station, a train from Plymouth to Paddington, a train from Paddington to Heathrow, a flight from Heathrow to Dublin, a bus from Dublin airport to Dublin City... about 20 hours travel and approx £400 GBP spent = 2 very angry Lads.
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  • Lee Sam Kang 26 Oct 13 (Compilation)
    Lee Sam Kang 26 Oct 13 (Compilation) It was late in East Legon, Accra. Mr Lee was crawling around on his hands and knees in the moonlight, looking for his phone. He had just ended his call with Pr1cky by flinging it into a bush. He was trying his best not to make any more noise. One angry awoken neighbour had already threatened him with a machete.
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  • Kelly Markora Safari Nov 15
    Kelly Markora Safari Nov 15 Mr Kelly was seething. He had been into his Mugu for months and today was supposed to be the culmination of careful fostering and persuasion. He should have been travelling back to his family with tens of thousands of dollars. Instead, all he was bringing home was an empty wallet, a story of disaster and confusion, and a foul temper...
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  • Daniel Oyegun Safari Nov 15 (Day One)
    Daniel Oyegun Safari Nov 15 (Day One) Daniel is a Gold Scammer. He travelled from Accra, Ghana to Cotonou, Benin and was unable to find the Safari Hotel. He then crossed the Seme Border into Nigeria, where he spent the night at a friend's home in Lagos. The next day, he returned to Cotonou to meet with Mr Geoffrey. Sadly, things began to go wrong...
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  • Nana Voicemail & Babangoh Call
    Nana Voicemail & Babangoh Call This Voicemail from Nana, the Oga in Ghana, confirmed that after months of prevarication, he finally had a Lad on the move. Babangoh's subsequent call was to reassure him that all was well and that a fellow African also awaited his man at the meeting with Geoffrey.
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