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  • ItHappenedAgain
    ItHappenedAgain This is a song I wrote about struggling with bulimia. I've struggled and I'm letting others out there know that they're not alone.
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  • DaylightDies
    DaylightDies A revised version of a song I made and deleted earlier, about losing a very important person in your life.
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  • Here's To You
    Here's To You This is a song I wrote about one of the bullies that bullied me all throughout my senior year in High School. There were more but he was the biggest.
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  • Worthwhile
    Worthwhile A revised version of what I recently uploaded and deleted. This song is about no matter what life throws at you, always smile. Life can be beautiful if you let it. God will heal you of your sadness and woes. Life can be hard, I know, but just smile through the pain. Because, throughout it all, life is worthwhile.
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  • Shipped Out
    Shipped Out This was back whenever I was going through bulimia and nobody thought I was good enough. Everybody called me a mess and my mother told me to shape up or ship out. So I simply shipped out.
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  • Unsuccessful (EXPLICIT)
    Unsuccessful (EXPLICIT) MAJOR TRIGGER WARNING!!! THIS SONG IS ABOUT AN UNSUCCESSFUL SUICIDE ATTEMPT. I WROTE IT ONLY BECAUSE I HAVE SUICIDAL TENDENCIES AND GOT UPSET WITH MY LATEST ATTEMPT SO EVERYONE, IF YOU HAVE SUICIDAL TENDENCIES OR ANY MENTAL ILLNESS, DO NOT LISTEN! And I am sorry if you've already listened to it and gotten triggered. I sincerely hope these lyrics don't drive anybody to suicide. Much love everyone. Explicit song, by the way.
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  • Schizo Ship
    Schizo Ship Okay, big confession - I have schizoaffective disorder (schizophrenia and bipolar disorder). So I have decided to share what it's like to live with psychosis. I was diagnosed at the age of 16 and I am now 27. The screech like voice at the end is like my voices singing. I don't know, just something different. I'd like to share this song to the world for those with schizophrenia. Much love to all!
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  • (KingOfSpades)
    (KingOfSpades) This song was written in spite of a man who did me wrong. In fact, it's for any man who does a woman wrong.
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  • I'm Sorry
    I'm Sorry This song is about a breakup I had awhile ago and, for the longest time, blamed myself. Hence "I'm sorry".
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  • LiesAndLullabies
    LiesAndLullabies This song is about a guy I dated who tried to asphyxiate and kill me.
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