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It’s like the smell of new crayons or how a good nap feels
Like sunshine after months of rain or Elvis to my ears
It’s like a million stars all shining in the clear night sky
The wonder of a four year old who caught a firefly

It’s twice the fun of Disney World or bouncy trampolines
Like eating smores around a fire or playing hide and seek
Like splashing in a rain puddle barefoot with no shoes
Darlin’ this is how I feel whenever I’m with you

Like fireworks and stars and stripes on the fourth of July
Like jumping in a pile of leaves or laughing ‘til you cry
Like memories made and secrets shared between the best of friends
The kind of joke that you can tell time and time again

Like sunlight beaming gently through the leaves of summer trees
It’s like somebody brought to life all my childhood dreams
Like colorful hot air balloons against a sky of blue
Darlin’ that’s the way it is whenever I’m with you

Like sweet honey and bumblebees or cats and balls of yarn
Like bicycles and helmets or milk cows on a farm
Like salt and pepper shakers or the two hands on a clock
Some things just go together like a pair of folded socks

Like peanut butter sandwiches with jelly on them too
Sand and shells on the seashore a fork and matching spoon
A pair just like koala bears and eucalyptus trees
That’s the kind of pair we are, darling you and me

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