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As the wind blows gently down the pale blue hills, time seems to stop
All that’s left is the cool breeze on my skin, the dull ache of my heart

The tears fall softly as I see your face inside my mind
Ours was the kind of love that burns and leaves a scar behind

I hear your voice whisper my name each time I close my eyes
Thoughts of what we could have become they haunt me all the time

I see your eyes when I close mine and dream you’re here again
When I hold you the love we had it never has to end

I awake to the sound outside my window of birds sweetly singing
I turn to the pillow beside mine to find you’re still missing

In the quiet of the morning I ask what pain you must have felt
That made you think you had to leave me even leave yourself

So I’ll close my eyes
And dream of you tonight
This pain will stop ‘til morning light
So I’ll close my eyes

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