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  • Monique Terry
    Monique Terry Monique Terry is an IFBB Pro. Which means she is a competitive body builder, in the category of 'physique.' She'll tell you what that means in the interview, where we talk to her about how and why she started bodybuilding and how her journey has gone. Come get a look behind the curtain in professional fitness pageantry.
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  • JC Coccoli
    JC Coccoli JC Coccoli is coming to town for a show April 1. Happy April Fool's Day! (But it's really happening!) Go check out the event on facebook and get your tickets early!
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  • Sean McBride
    Sean McBride Sean McBride is comic based in LA, originally from the northeast. He tells jokes after he left his job at the NFL Network a few years ago. Sean discusses everything that led up to his career telling jokes and how his days go as a comic on the road.
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  • John Tole
    John Tole John Tole is a stand-up and all around creative in Los Angeles, when he came through Wichita and did a show at the Loony Bin, we met up with him and had a talk on the Vagabond's patio. We discuss all the aspects of being in the industry, what it's like day to day out in LA, and why we should all be totally excited to be here. Enjoy. Thank you to Hellbomb Tattoo and Shelter Salon for helping us out!
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  • AlanFullEp
    AlanFullEp Alan runs Tankhouse Float and Massage in Wichita. The gang got to meet up with him to discuss what the big idea is anyway behind these sensory deprivation tanks and how people react to them. We've also got a bonus segment; our very own Dan the Man had himself a float and came back to us for a review of the experience. Check it out!
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  • Jill Miller
    Jill Miller We were able to chat with Jill D. Miller of Creative Solutions. Some of you may know this firey redhead, she is s a world champion plate spinner: a business development consultant, entrepreneurship, adjunct professor at Wichita State, CashMob Wichita founder, zealous volunteer, cultural event enthusiast, rescue poodle owner, social butterfly and on September 19 she will launch her newest endeavor, Finishing School for Modern Women. As a fair warning, language does get a little explicit and we're okay with that.
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  • Lily Dooman
    Lily Dooman Lily Dooman has been playing music around town for about 4 years, and now plays with RiverBirds. She hung out with us, talked about the creative process, how she ended up playing music, chopping hair, and lots more. She also gave us a little taste of her music, so you can check that out too.
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  • Mr Biggs
    Mr Biggs We talked to Mr. Biggs about podcasting, comedy, Wichita stand up, and all sorts of things that I'd feel dirty putting in print.
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  • The Bumping Uglies!
    The Bumping Uglies! The Bumping Uglies, or the Buglies, are a fun-as-hell band from Austin, Texas. They are on tour right now, and Blake met up with them in KC a few days after their Wichita Show. They don't take themselves too seriously, and don't think you should either. Listen to Blake talk to them, then go check out their tunes!
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  •  Zach Gingrich-Gaylord
    Zach Gingrich-Gaylord Zach sat down with us and he's got some stuff to say about the chess scene in Wichita, and how he's trying to improve it using technology and social media. He had a little to say about hip-hop too. He's involved with KMUW and provides hip-hop commentary. Listen and enjoy.
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