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    Theme Paul And Me Today, and tried to imbue in this music a small part of what I feel for you, as an expression of pure and sincere love between us upon of love and affection between the two Paul, my love..... I do not know how to thank you for staying by my side By understanding and love you have given me On those nights and days, time that you've carefully of me and you love me. I want to give you my hand, Look into your eyes and say you how I love you, For though they pass the hours, weeks, months and years, In the depths of my thoughts, Those words of love you have given me are impregnated in me My lips whisper your name any moment And like a gentle summer breeze that caresses your skin feel, And I tell I LOVE YOU and Thank you for everything you have given me It is increasingly difficult to find something new to tell you, something different, Something that reaches the depths of your soul it seems that I said everything, but nevertheless, there are no words, No music, no poem, that can express how much I love you, For you are my breath, my heartbeat, my mind Maybe is excessive this love I feel for you, but i like it. Paul, you taught me to forgive, to believe, to live, to smile. you gave me all safety that i needed. I appreciate so much that every time you give me away a first glance, a smile and kiss giving me the good morning, because your kisses are my strength. All actions and details, have made the words are not necessary to understand, because I just a glance to understand what you want We are made for each other, and every day I am more convinced of it ... I appreciate when we discussed and when we are agree, when you try to hide a tear and when you say that you loves me, or when you kiss my hand. My love thanks for follow me, please tell me every day how important I am to you, and show me how much you love me, protect me and look after me, I love you my love, because i will do the same with you. I wanna more days, months and years in my life to enjoy your charms,I want to consuming in you, and that you consume in me, and when I get death, breathe the last breath of your mouth, and in the hereafter, continue and continue loving You. !! Marek
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  • Mój Pawel Irlandie
    Mój Pawel Irlandie Dzięki..... kocham Cięę<3
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  • Mój Pawel irlandie
    Mój Pawel irlandie Dzięki..... kocham Cię <3
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  • Not to gonna miss you. Original song by Paul Slim
    Not to gonna miss you. Original song by Paul Slim mój hołd dla Pawła Slim i hope you like it
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  • To Paul
    To Paul To the most wonderful little-person <3
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