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  • Moscow 'Ryazan - Calcutions
    Moscow 'Ryazan - Calcutions it's Calculatins to real life, when you need to do something just Calculate think don't just do things without Calculate, it's Calculations a Hip hop song with real bars
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  • Moscow_'Ryazan-$he_came
    Moscow_'Ryazan-$he_came is about a Laid coming to give some love, so She came is a Rnb song Love song with sweet Lyrics for the love, like that Laid she came to me and giving me some love and then i left with the smile, that the story it so sweet
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  • Moscow 'Ryazan - Rudo rwako
    Moscow 'Ryazan - Rudo rwako a Love song sang in Shona, it's about Love when a Girl or Laid gives you real love you'll follow her wherever she goes looking for her, i was commenting her love cause she's the best Rudo rwako [Your Love]
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  • I feel like_feat_Lynn Chie
    I feel like_feat_Lynn Chie it's a real Hip hop song with basic hip hop vibe, I Feel Like i was talking about the feeling that you have when u got something big, is just a good vibing feeling like i feel like, the sudden feeling
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  • Moscow 'Ryazan_Ndomutoraa [Mixed & Mastered by Klenderh]
    Moscow 'Ryazan_Ndomutoraa [Mixed & Mastered by Klenderh] a Through out Shona Language Rnb song a Love song, i was asking my friends "Can i take that beautiful Girl, to marry her definitely Ndomutoraa a Love song
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  • Moscow 'Ryazan-Ndakanhonga Nyanga
    Moscow 'Ryazan-Ndakanhonga Nyanga a Shona Trap song it's about Successful in life, when you work hard and then in reward you recieve more like unexpected rewards, on Ndakanhonga Nyanga i was saying hey guys i picked a special Horn [Ndakanhonga Nyanga] so now i'm rich my God is good, Ndakanhonga Nyanga
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  • Moscow 'Ryazan - Shona trap
    Moscow 'Ryazan - Shona trap It's a Shona Language Hip hop Trap song talking about Trap Music & introducing Trap music to Shona people_Shona Trap it's Shona & Trap together
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  • Moscow_'Ryazan-Can_i_say
    Moscow_'Ryazan-Can_i_say Rnb song is about a boy who were staying with his uncle for some time while the uncle taking advantages to abuse a boy because the boy was an orphan, so Can i say now the boy is resisting now his moving away for good living Can i say can i go
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  • Moscow x Sherkhy x Akeem - Fall
    Moscow x Sherkhy x Akeem - Fall real meaning of this Fall was me in the Music industry and my Stutas was decreasig and i was calling for help [Fall] was all referring to Music pushing or real life health but mine was Music Fall
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  • Moscow 'Ryazan - Zvipi
    Moscow 'Ryazan - Zvipi a Hip hop song with the bang and heavy bars, i Sang 1st Chorus & 1st Verse in Shona Language and 2nd Verse there is English through out, Zvipi is a swaggy song and i was Challenging other Local cats, claiming that i'm the best as you know that's Hip hop
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