How satan uses the blood
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How Satan uses the blood

Satan can only be in one place at a time, unlike Yahweh who can be in all places at once. But He had to 'create a system,' where he could be, in order to be like Yahweh (Isaiah 14:12-14).

Lev 17:11-12

The soul (nephesh – mind, will & emotions) is in the blood. So when a person 'gives his blood away,' they are 'giving away their soul.' With Red Cross, they are 'purchasing souls.'

“The soul of flesh is in the blood: give it upon the altar to atone for the soul: the blood atones for the soul.”


Isa 59:1-8

The 'defilement of man' is with the blood. This is why witches and warlocks use the blood in sacrifices, placing curses upon Yahwehs people.

Most of the 'heads of the hospitals' are witches & warlocks, which drink the blood of their patients.

People need to realize that the 'soul (mind, will, and emotions)' is in the blood, it is NOT a function of the brain, heart, etc. Without blood, man does not have life.

When Yahweh breathed into man His Spirit, man became a 'living (blood) soul (mind, will, and emotions).'

Innocent Blood – Naive, ignorant

Because demons are 'invisible/unseen/air' they can literally inhabit the bloodstream/line, and carry throughout MANY generations. This is how “demonic possessions” occur.

Pr 12:6-7

The wicked 'lie in wait for our blood.' That is why they have 'blood drives.'

Drive: to cause and guide the movement of (a vehicle, an animal, etc.).

Jer 19:1-15

“Your 'god' is who you have 'submitted/offered your blood unto.'”

Yahweh commanded us not to mingle 'races,' for the sake of the blood, because certain bloodlines 'outside' of Israel had submitted to Satan, and served idols. These demons carry-on then through the bloodlines.

32% of Americans have 'AIDs' because they have 'mingled races.'
70% of Nigeria has AIDs (consensus as of 2004).

The whole 'council' of Jerusalem is going to be 'thrown out.'

My vision and Dads prophecy line up (Ozark County infested with AIDs, and Gainesville being destroyed by fire as Sodom and Gomorrah).

Tophet is a direct result of people 'defiling the blood, selling the blood, etc.' (Re 14:20, Re 18:24)

Satan gains knowledge of Yahwehs people by 'stealing their blood,' he can gain their 'wisdom,' keeping them ignorant, outwitting them. He knows what we they know because the soul is in the 'blood.'


Ephraim came over to America from Manasseh to 'build New Jerusalem.' They all believed that America 'was the New Jerusalem, so it was founded upon these ideas.' So scriptures condemning Jerusalem in the last days, are speaking in prophecy of America.

Ezekiel 13:17-23

There are more 'witches (7 to 1) than warlocks,' and Ezekiel was to 'prophesy against these women.'

The 'monthly' is a cleansing of the woman's 'bloodline,' and Yahweh said to 'burn it,' so Satan (serpent) could not get a hold of it. That is why it is taught in society to 'earn your red wings.' They are following Satan's (serpents) footsteps.

Mortuaries 'drain the blood of the dead,' and send it to the witches covens, so they can 'drink the souls of men (Re 18:13).'

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