TX Anthem
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Bout to record tonight. Lyrics below.

Slow it down for my kin folk
In Texas tokin that big smoke.

Funky Town they be puttin it down
But I gotta get to Dallas for the indo
In H-Town I be leaning like my limbs broke.
ATX they win best in show
The south by southwest always lit yo
Never know when a local gonna drop a hit so
Make that trip.
Nigga ride out.

Come find out
Where the soul of rap came to hide out.
South side done changed up the route for you wide outs
Take it slow but got no time for your time outs.

Kick it up a notch like we cookin up in a pot.
Temperature rise up until the mercury hit the top.
Make the gauge go pop
Make the lames go "stop!"
When we coming through the gates and we breakin through all the the locks.
Blue chip stock op.
Exchange heat,
for love of money. We gon chop,
And won't stop,
Til a Nolan Ryan steak is plated.
We catering with the sure shot.
Texas boys not to be played with.
Stand up for lone star state when you play this.
The 808's banging, got you repeating your statements
Texas Anthem be repeating up on your playlist. Let all of the haters hate, we the greatest.

Cadillac rollin
And loud pack holding
With stacks unfolding
The home of the Cowboys where the gats unloading
Pop it for Pimp C
all the females know this
The protocol
If not, they hitting the road quick.
The thick women can stay we don't kick it with glow sticks
We po' sip
Whiskey the untouchable potion
Keep a coke and a smile for the suckas who gon mix
Keep a grip on revolves, we ain't fuckin wit no clips
All of that shit talkin leave you dead in the streets
We got it sewed up so put a button on your lips.

It's too easy
Eatin these beats up like it's chef boyardee who feeds me.

Stats all a hunnit
Racks coming from it
Texas on my back and Ima run it
If you want it
track record show you that I really smash all opponents
Niggas renting swag but the nigga O really own it.

Moment of silence for them niggas tryna clone it

The God flow is in the south. Now you know it.
It's evident. We too hot for you to hold us.

We rock out. Cocks out, like "so what?!"

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