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  • Tri Akordoj
    Tri Akordoj Tri Akordoj is Esperanto for three chords. Have a listen and find out how much you can do with only three chords ...
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  • Whispers of love
    Whispers of love Whispers of love ... when you see the smile on your daughter's face ... when the dew glistens brightly on an early spring flower ... and you hold your new grandchild in your arms ...
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  • Who are You?
    Who are You? Co-written with Pastor Les Deane, this song asks the question who Jesus is ... and answers it. (I performed the vocals and arranged the backing music.)
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  • The Sad Man
    The Sad Man Co-written with Pastor Les Deane, the Sad Man is a song about depression and despair but in the end ... hope.
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  • Child of Your Love  (harp and vocal)
    Child of Your Love (harp and vocal) I wrote this song to thank God for bringing me through breast cancer and aggressive chemotherapy. I accompany myself on the harp and have arranged the rest of the backing music.
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  • Primeval Forest
    Primeval Forest This is my longest track. Behind the music, I have experimented using the sounds you would expect to hear if you were to walk through a primeval forest: rain, thunder, dinosaur roars etc.
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  • Cavern
    Cavern Imagine you are traveling into a huge cavern and you hear music coming from deep within the cave system ...
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  • 4 1 long ago
    4 1 long ago This is the title song of my second album. It give the impression of years gone by.
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