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  • Tum na jaane - Sazaa - 1951 - Cover - Saroj
    Tum na jaane - Sazaa - 1951 - Cover - Saroj I think it is one and half months since I posted my last song here.. I was suffering from a very bad cold, cough and sore throat.. when i almost recovered I recorded this song.. A friend of mine wanted to mix it for me.. I was quite happy about that but took a bit longer than I expected to get it ready.. I hope you all will like my attempt.. Film : Sazaa (1951) Music: S D Burman Lyrics: Sahir Ludhianvi Singer : Lata Mangeshkar Cover : Saroj
    Lotus 00:03:32 33 0 Downloads 12 Comments
  • nee kaanumo - irattakuttikalude achan - 1997 - Saroj - Cover
    nee kaanumo - irattakuttikalude achan - 1997 - Saroj - Cover Film: Irattakuttikalude Achan - 1997 (Father of Twins) Musician: Johnson Lyricist: Kaithapram Singer: K S Chithra Cover: Saroj The story revolves around the life of Rajeevan who elopes with a rich girl. Later when persuaded he gives away one of his twin children to a stranger who lost all his children at birth. But he couldn't live with the guilt and in the end he tells his wife, who gets very angry with him and leaves him.. She said she will only return when he brings her baby back to her..neither the doctor nor the stranger was ready to give the baby back to him so one day he steals the child but by the time he was about to give the baby to his wife, police arrived and took him to police station.. to cut the story short in the end his wife decided to leave the baby with the new mother who loves the baby like her own child.. This song was also sung by K J Yesudas which was in the film.. the hero sings this song when his wife left him.. Hope you all will like this song..
    Lotus 00:05:06 56 0 Downloads 14 Comments
  • gali me aaj chaand nikla - Zaakhm -  Cover - Saroj
    gali me aaj chaand nikla - Zaakhm - Cover - Saroj Album : Zakhm -1998 Singer : Alka Yagnik Musician : M. M. Kreem Lyricist : Anand Bakshi A beautiful song from Zakhm.. a friend of mine did the mixing for me..I hope you all like my humble effort.. Cover: Saroj
    Lotus 00:05:12 52 0 Downloads 12 Comments
  • rahe na rahe hum - Mamta - 1966 - Cover - Saroj
    rahe na rahe hum - Mamta - 1966 - Cover - Saroj Film : Mamta - 1966 Lyricist : Majrooh Sultanpuri Singer : Lata Mangeshkar Music Director : Roshan Cover : Saroj HAPPY NEW YEAR Everyone
    Lotus 00:04:34 51 0 Downloads 8 Comments
  • Kandittum Kandittum - Villain - 2017 - Saroj - Cover
    Kandittum Kandittum - Villain - 2017 - Saroj - Cover Trying a new song.. I just liked the tune as soon as I heard it first time and wanted to try it.. Hope you all will like it too.. This song was sung by both K J Yesudas and also Sithara.. Film: Villain - 2017 Director: B Unnikrishnan Music: 4 Musics -Jim - Biby - Eldhose - Justin Lyrics: B K Harinarayanan Singer: Sithara Cover: Saroj
    Lotus 00:04:07 72 0 Downloads 15 Comments
  • Aayiye Meherban - Howrah Bridge - 1958 - Saroj - Cover
    Aayiye Meherban - Howrah Bridge - 1958 - Saroj - Cover Hello Friends.. It has been more than two months since I uploaded my last song.. I have been suffering from viral infection.. sore throat, cough, cold and fever.. it lasted for more than a month.. tried to record song in between.. but didn't want to bore you all with my sexy nasal voice haha.. Anyway at last I have recorded a long pending song.. got the track from Meragana.. but it didnt have space for humming in the beginning.. so I had to edit the track.. I approached our friend Muzaffar for help with mixing.. and he has really done some magic to the song and it sounds good.. Hope you all will like it too.. Thanks a lot again Muzaffar.. you are a real great friend to all of us.. Film : Howrah Bridge - 1958 Lyricist : Qamar Jalalabadi Singer : Asha Bhosle Music Director : O. P. Nayyar Mixing : Muzaffar Naqvi Cover : Saroj
    Lotus 00:03:59 86 0 Downloads 23 Comments
  • Kanumbol Parayamo-Ishtam-2001-Krishnakumar and Saroj-Cover
    Kanumbol Parayamo-Ishtam-2001-Krishnakumar and Saroj-Cover This is a beautiful romantic song.. Thanks a lot Krishnadas for singing this duet with me so beautifully.. Ishtam is a 2001 Malayalam language romantic drama film directed by Sibi Malayil starring Dileep and Navya Nair. This is the debut movie of Navya Nair. Ishtam was later remade in Hindi as Mere Baap Pehle Aap by Priyadarshan Pawan (Dileep), whose mother passed away 24 years ago when he was a child, lives with his widower father Krishnankutty Menon (Nedumudi Venu), a rich businessman. His father frequently and hilariously gets in trouble with the police officer Mariyamma (Kalpana), mostly due to his best friend, Narayanan (Innocent). Pavan meets Anjana (Navya Nair) who was his old college mate, who lives with her unmarried music teacher Sridevi. It turns out that Krishnankutty Menon and Sridevi (Jayasudha) were actually star-crossed lovers when they were young. Pavan, Anjana, Narayanan (Innocent) and Pavan's brother (Sreenivasan) make a plan to reunite them after all these years - and in the process, Pavan and Anjana discover their feelings for each other as well. It is a nice movie.. you can see the hindi version.. It is carbon copy of malayalam movie..all scene to scene and word to word.. Film: Ishtam Music: Mohan Sitara Singers: K J Yesudas and K S Chithra Cover: Krishnadas and Saroj Mixing: Krishnadas
    Lotus 00:04:58 71 0 Downloads 14 Comments
  • Jane Kya Tu Ne Kahi - 1957 - Cover - Saroj
    Jane Kya Tu Ne Kahi - 1957 - Cover - Saroj I love Geeta Dutt's songs..I had posted this song earlier in Muziboo.. Muzaffar requested me to post it again.. so I re recorded this song..Muzaffar also shared a nice track for this..and also mixed the song for me..Thank you so much for all your help.. Film: Pyaasa - 1957 Music Director: S D Burman Lyricist: Sahir Ludhiyanvi Singer: Geeta Dutt Cover : Saroj Mixing n Karaoke courtsey : Muzaffar
    Lotus 00:04:08 84 0 Downloads 14 Comments
  • kathirunnu  kathirunnu - ennu ninte moideen - 2015
    kathirunnu kathirunnu - ennu ninte moideen - 2015 This song is from a movie based on a true sad story of 2 lovers.. hindu girl and a muslim boy.. Set in the 1960s and '70's in Mukkam, Kerala, the film tells the tragic love story of Moideen who belongs to a renowned Muslim family and Kanchana Mala who is the daughter of a Hindu aristocratic landlord. Since inter-religious marriages were a taboo then, the couple had to part ways as their families objected to their love affair. Moideen shifted ground to being a socio-political activist and Kanchana Mala lived in her house under strict restrictions for 22 years. Both communicated through letters and language they had developed. Eventually Kanchanmala was caught and beaten mercilessly by her conservative relatives. Balyambra Pottattu Unni Moideen Sahib, Moideen's father stabs him since Moideen does not agree to part ways with Kanchana mala but he miraculously escapes. Moideen reveals to the judge/police that it was an accident and his father was not responsible. This confession transforms Balyambra Pottattu Unni Moideen Sahib's attitude towards his son; however, he dies immediately afterwards due to a heart attack. Eventually, Moideen and Kanchana decide to elope but when Moideen was returning after collecting their passports, he dies in a boating accident. Upon hearing about his death, Kanchana decides to commit suicide but is stopped by Moideen's mother. In the end, Kanchana leaves home to live in Moideen's house, as Moideen's unmarried widow. She is still alive Film: Ennu Ninte Moideen - yours truly Moideen - 2015 Producer: Suresh Raj, Binoy Shankarath Written and Directed: R S Vimal Singer: Shreya Ghoshal Cover: Saroj
    Lotus 00:04:13 94 0 Downloads 20 Comments
  • Gudiya Humse - Dosti - 1964 - Saroj - Cover
    Gudiya Humse - Dosti - 1964 - Saroj - Cover Hi Friends... It is my Birthday so here is a happy song.. hope you all will like it.. Film : Dosti - 1964 Lyricist : Majrooh Sultanpuri Singer : Lata Mangeshkar Music Director : Laxmikant Pyarelal
    Lotus 00:03:36 102 0 Downloads 16 Comments
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