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    HOW TO CHOOSE YOUR CAR SPEAKERS The choice of speakers is an essential element to have a quality sound system of your vehicle. Indeed, these will make it possible to transform the electric energy into acoustic energy (or sound). There are many types of loudspeakers among which it is sometimes difficult to navigate, to facilitate your this guides will help you. The loudspeakers are divided into two categories: 1. THE COAXIAL LOUDSPEAKERS The coaxial speakers with 2 or 3 channels (woofer + medium and tweeter also to the three channels) assembled on the same axis. The advantages of the coaxial speakers are: - Small footprint - Simplified assembly. 2. SEPARATE SPEAKER (OR EXPLODED) SPEAKER Separate (or exploded) channel kits: woofer, midrange (in some cases) and tweeter are separated. The benefits of separate lanes kits two way: arrangement of speakers in the vehicle for an improved sound transcript. The benefits of separate lanes kits three-way: strategic layout of the speakers in the vehicle for an optimal sound transcript. 3. MAIN FEATURES OF THE SPEAKERS: A. THE DIAMETER: It can be standard: 10, 13 and 16.5 cm (easily replaceable, be careful the diameter of the speakers can be different at the front and back). It can be specific: often intended for the rear range the speakers can have a diameter greater than 20 cm or be in the form of an ellipse (elliptical speakers). B. POWER: The maximum power corresponds to the maximum amount of power that a loudspeaker can take for a short time. The RMS power is the constant power that the loudspeaker can carry. It, therefore informs about the actual power of the loudspeaker in steady state. C. THE SENSITIVITY (OR YIELD): Measured in decibel, the higher the sensitivity, the higher the output volume of the sound D. FREQUENCY RESPONSE: Loudspeaker capacity to transcribe the different frequencies, from the lowest to the highest. To know more about how to choose the best car speaker visit: https://speakerchampion.com/best-6x9-speakers/
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