Joyce Berry - People In Love
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When American blue-eyed soul/pop singer and backing vocalist Joyce Berry was younger back in 1977, she heard a pop song on the radio, called, "People In Love" by British pop band 10cc she would be more familiar with and then also bought both a small 45 RPM single and a sheet music of the same song, so she had to learn the words to that song over and over again until she was satisfied with it, so she decided to sing it lower in her smoky alto than band member Eric Stewart in his tenor.

Joyce Berry version

Lead Vocals: Joyce Berry
Percussion: Jimmy Maelen
Electric Piano: Randy Kerber
Parlor Piano: Randy McCormick
Bass: Dennis Belfield
Electric Guitar: Charles Fearing
Acoustic Guitar: Dennis Budimir
Drums: Ed Greene
Background Vocals: Joyce Berry, Laurie Maitland,
Scarlett McCarthy
Strings Arranged by Gene Page

Produced by Steve Buckingham

"People In Love" - original by 10cc

'People In Love' is Eric's turn to go all gooey-eyed and we'll be getting a lot of these love-lorn ballads from him over the next few albums. Some of them will be stunningly gorgeous, but sadly this inferior sequel to 'The Things We Do For Love' isn't one of his best. The song was actually the very last track ever recorded by the 'old' line-up of 10cc where it had the curious working title 'Voodoo Boogie' (it was later released in 2012 on the 'Tenology' box set) - maybe it was the thought of working on an album full of mawkish songs like this that caused Godley and Creme to quit. Eric is always good at sounding like he's in love, though and 'People In Love' is like one of those kitsch ornaments: so exquisitely carved and moulded with so much care and talent that you're impressed even whilst you're being sick from the sheer OTT ness of it all (if ever a song was already so far gone it could have done without syrupy strings it's this one!) Some of the lyrics are sweet though and on an album where 'The Things We Do For Love' hasn't already made the point better this song would be better regarded. Love is again an illness, a form of insanity almost, that turns the narrator's life upside down and means he can 'do nothing right' - another very universal song, then, although some of what it causes the narrator to do sounds rather unusual ('Walk under busses and burn your wings' - sounds like a problem with his eyesight to me, not his lovesick heart). Note the first appearance of a key theme of later Eric Stewart songs - the idea that the narrator never gets enough time with his beloved before being forced to go somewhere else and the thought that time moves quicker when you're enjoying yourself (this is the key theme of 'Windows In The Jungle'). A bit of a gooey mess, 'People In Love' should only be listened to by 'People In Love' who can stand the saccharine, although if Eric's vocals on this recording don't make you fall in love with him you have a heart of stone (or a cold).

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