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    ShadowSith - Sailey Lyrics: strictly spit, sickness spits, behind the griffin, time lifting, takes a type of fitness, in size you crickets, slight of hand and you wishing, i'm viscous, you lot traits of situations, influence strictness, you bitches, i hate you pitches, this ain't baseball you whispers, but i'm pitching the ace ball, i said it before the displacing maul, enslaving talls, you just don't have what it takes cool, I have to take all, pull out a lightsabre and slay drools, I am behind the Kaznati great wall, on earth visiting the dismay crawls, then off to great hall, reporting back to the imperial race, us Sith currently hold the galaxies fate, but that's beyond your information, that's beyond what you see from station, in a world existence is on vacation, what your told is far from situation, you call that just you justice lakers, and then cut up your statement, murder scenarios from the government and Satans, I drink till im numb then inhaling lunch, Israeli tank hit for daily fun, superman till your dead, im using haleys gun, shadowsith hit you back like vadors son (you sailey bunch)
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