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I starting playing around with building websites and internet marketing over 10 years ago. Through the years and experiences, I learned much of what not to do and how to play nice with Google and how to promote your business online.

In 2014, I was approached by multiple business owners to help them manage their website and provide online marketing consultation.

I quickly discovered that many successful business owners didn't know the first thing about marketing online. This led me to launch LocalMixed.com to not only offer my services, but to teach small business owners local internet marketing tips and strategies that will increase their online presence, build brand awareness and increase customer loyalty.

I recently launch Local Mixed Insiders, which is a free and paid members area where I provide online marketing guides and tutorials.

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  • Set Up Gmail for Business for Free
    Set Up Gmail for Business for Free I am always surprised to learn that many business owners dismiss Gmail, Google’s free email service, as an email client that they can use for their business. The truth is that you can simple set up Gmail for business for free. Using Gmail for your business email is smart on multiple levels. First, it is free. Second, it’s a Google Product, which means that it is dependable. This is the audio of my video tutorial on how to set up Gmail for your business. However, before we dive into the recording, let me explain 7 reasons why Gmail is the perfect email client for your business. 1. Gmail is Free. You may know that Google offers a paid business service, but you can easily set up Gmail to handle your business emails at zero cost. 2. Cloud based email client. It doesn’t matter where you are, as long as you have an internet access, you will be able to log into your Gmail account 3. Decrease your company’s Server load. Google provides you with 15GB free with your Gmail account. Since your emails will now be hosted on Google’s servers, your company’s server will benefit from more space and less resources used. 4. Cross device compatible. There is a Gmail app for all devices. Whether you have an iPhone or iPad or an Android or Windows powered device, you can easily connect to your Gmail account. 5. Spam protection. Google is the master of detecting spam. Their engineers are always tweaking their algorithms, which means you will be sorting through less spam. 6. Gmail learns from you. Yeah, Gmail is cool like that. It might not be complete AI, but Gmail knows what emails you open and what ones you don’t. Depending on your habits, Gmail will start sorting email for you if continually delete email from a certain sender without reading it. 7. You can train Gmail. Gmail doesn’t only learn, it allows you how to automatically organize your emails and declutter your inbox. These are only a few of the benefits you will enjoy when you start using Gmail for your business email client. Local Mixed Insiders members have access to an exclusive tutorial on how to train Gmail to automatically organize and declutter your inbox. Membership is free and you gain access to this tutorial and other guides and Internet marketing strategies for local businesses by clicking the link below to register. http://insider.localmixed.com/free-registration/
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