Several Different Ways to Develop Toenail Fungus
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There are several different ways an innocent, unsuspecting person can develop toenail fungus. Onychomycosis, or as most people without a PhD call it, toenail fungus, can creep it’s way into the nail through mold or even through obtaining a yeast infection in the toenail! No matter how you catch toenail fungus, almost always, the infections are often created through warm, wet environments which give the fungus a comfortable breeding ground to grow and expand, often infecting neighboring toes and fingers.

Areas like saunas, swimming pools, locker rooms, gyms, even household showers are all hot spots for fungal infections to flourish. Just being in the same environment or shambling about the area can result with you developing the fungus as well!

Why toes, you may ask? What about toes and toenails make them so susceptible to the fungus? Good question. Toes tend to be more vulnerable to the fungus due to the lack of circulation in the feet rather than the hands. Also, the moist, warm, darkness of your sneakers and tennis shoes are the perfect breeding ground for the fungus to grow. So unless you’ve been wearing shoes on your hands lately, your hands have a less likely chance to develop the fungus. But they can catch it!

No one is immune to toenail fungus, anyone can catch it from your high school PE teacher to the president, but older adults are more at risk along with the elderly due to the decreased blood circulation to the feet. Also, as we continue to age, our nails tend to get thick making us more open to the possibility of nail infections.

Did you know men are more at risk to toenail fungus infections than women? Even worse, this tendency can be passed genetically! Something to keep in mind ladies, next time you’re having the baby talk with your man, don’t forget to give his feet a good look over before you decide anything!

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