How to Choose Your Socks
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Socks play an important role in the health and wellness of your feet. Many are unaware that the type of socks they are wearing could be causing more harm than good and ultimately causing infections on the feet and/or nails. Of the many varieties of socks and their materials, there are a few that are recommended for individuals who have sweaty feet or ones that emit odor.

Synthetic socks such as nylon, polyester, plastic, or other synthetic materials, have fibers that cause the feet to sweat more. Furthermore the linings in these materials do not absorb sweat, nor do they allow the sweat to evaporate, causing your feet to become moist and wet. Additionally, if these socks fit snug the effects become worse. Athletes however typically prefer polyester socks since they prevent blisters because it prevents perspiration.

Cotton socks are of the most popular among individuals. Cotton is not only lighter and cooler than acrylic socks, but they also allow the feet to get air and breathe. Additionally, cotton is a more absorbent fabric than the synthetic ones.

Unfortunately if your feet have the tendency to profusely sweat, cotton is not the best option. Although the material has a higher likelihood to withhold moisture, the socks still remain wet and thus cause odor, and warmth, which leads to fungus. Ultimately, you should of course avoid synthetic materials socks such as acrylic and nylon but you should also avoid cotton. Keeping your feet dry is important if you want to keep healthy foot hygiene.

The best socks that absorb moisture and allow the feet to breathe are wicking socks, which include sports socks that have ventilation panels, synthetic liner socks, and wool socks. The best for sweaty feet however are wool socks, which are the most absorbent and do not make the feet warm or sweaty.

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