Battle Toenail Fungus By Eating Right…

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There are several treatments out there that claim they will cure your toenail fungus. These treatments range from home remedies to costly medical procedures performed by doctors or dermatologists. Unfortunately, home remedies have low success rates with no official records released based on their efficiency. And the medical treatments that boast of high cure rates come with a flashy price tag.

So what can you do to cure your own nails of this infection? You could start the lengthy process of attempting to treat your own nails with a home remedy, or you could spend an arm and a leg trying to go the medical route. Or you could simply start eating right!

Sounds too good to be true? It’s not! You will need to start by cutting back on your intake and consumption of sugars and simple carbohydrates. Sugar and simple carbs can greatly affect your immune system, weakening it feeding the fungai further. Another thing you can do is start ingesting cultured products and foods which contain “friendly” bacteria. This bacteria will actually help fight off the fungus mano y mano.

The bacteria will prevent the growth of the fungus and help fight off any existing fungus, so long as you keep this diet regimen up! Try to discard all foods that promote mucus like diary and heavy meats. Drop soda and processed foods along with anything fatty or fried. And start adding lots of garlic to your daily meals! Garlic helps neutralize most fungi, and here I always thought they only scared off vampires!

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