The Fear
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Tags: hip hoprap

Thank you for listening to my music. I hope you enjoy.


Verse 1:

I do this shit, spit it like ya’ll never heard
Done this shit, spit it like ya’ll ready heard
Done this shit, spit it like ya’ll still ain’t get it
Then fuck it I’m still going to spit every word
And the word remains that my word remains the same
True like tautology, never mythology
Nike, just do it you know that I’ve gotta be
Right at the front, ya I’m first at the finish
Always a winner, I never diminish
Ya I’m a sinner, but still I replenish
Prayer, as I stare
Into the mirror and I swear
God and the Devil, there both in my dome
Id take a bullet to shatter this throne
And its musical chairs
Their digging up layers
My thoughts from the past, they want me to relapse
But I pass them with ease
I’m parting the seas
So out of my way I’ve got places to be
Being the best doesn’t mean fuck the rest
It means that when your done there will be no one left
I spit it to get it and got it I’m going
A blessing don’t need it, so fuck it I’m showing
The good and the bad
My fate it was taken
But fuck it I’m here and a new one I’m making
I give a fuck bout your fear
I give a fuck that you’re here
I’m near now, and I’ll be there soon
Ya’ll should fear what I’m here to do
Ya’ll should know that I ain’t gon back
World on my back, I won’t back down
One thing that ya’ll should fear
Is that I’ll say fuck it and put it down


I’ve become too nihilistic
Too full of fear, too full of hate
Chance at heaven, threw that away
Too hard headed to stop myself
From heading down a road too far
Made in god’s image, I’ve been remade
Saw it, took a saw to it
Totally different, I saw to it
And I’m better now, so you better now
See that this ain’t rhyme, this is reason
And killing season, its coming soon
Matter fact, its overdue
And I’ll overdue it, then renew it
And after that, fuck it, I’ll redo it
After pain you won’t be the same
I’m glad it came

Verse 2:

And I’m not the same but I can’t complain
Dire times, fear and shame
I shed my fear to steer my fate
Steel the fire, run and wait
Elevate me above a god
I gotta get it, gotta go to grow
Scarface, solo dolo
Delirious, but I’m serious
Fuck it man, your hearing this
Words not meaning, but yet your seeing
What I’m saying, ya we got to go
Fuck it man just give me one reason
To let it burn
This verse is so inane that this bitch here
Deserves a hearse
Profane but not profundity but
Still you do it worse
So fuck it, I guess that I am gone
Fuck it man, you ere wrong
Look in the mirror my fear it just exacerbate
Never exaggerate, let me elaborate
I won’t collaborate, I’m on my own
You couldn’t see me so you wont believe me
There ain’t a soul to who I am pleading
I just partake in destroying my fate
Like parkour the way all these words I do make
Spit it to get it and got it I’m gone
Spat it I got it but I’m going on
Fuck what you thought I will fight to the front
I know that I got this shit
No longer suicidal
This shit was a recital
This shit I’m spitting now
This shit belongs up in the bible
God, your done
God, I won
God dam, I already won


Verse 3:

It keeps me going
Through the day and night
I defeat devils
And angels all alike
I see the sky
I see it torn apart
I see all this death
And yet I call it art
I’m Dionysian
My should is seething
The Birth of Tragedy
It justifies my blasphemy
I fear the fear but I can’t be Kant
I don’t know what it is I want
I’m terrified that I’m terrible
I’ll tear you down to kill my fear
I don’t want to do this
I don’t want to go
But god help me, it’s all I know
I don’t want to do this,
I don’t want to go
But god help you
I won’t say no

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