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Tags: hip hoprap

Thank you for listening to my music. I hope you enjoy.


Verse 1:

I woke up, my eyes were a kaleidoscope
Shadows on the wall turned to color and dreams
Couldn’t tell, what I wanted to see
Just knew that what was new
Was what I wanted to see
Reality a concept steeped in fable
Lost its allure as I found something newer
What was truer, I started to know
That if you know what you don’t know
The answer never is no
Its hard to understand to some
That what is understood is nothing more
Than from where you ought
to undertake even more
Till the day the undertaker
Finds you lying on the ground
Find a way to cover ground
Till the day it’s all found
On that day I would despair
Without the unknown,
I’d come to a halt
No space, no words
No darkness, no light
No casket, no life
Indecision, breeds vision
In the dark, lights glisten
And in silence a voice will rise

Verse 2:

Thirteen’s always a mezzanine
Its still there, you just don’t believe
Hear the stories, there all still here
Though some have fallen
Throughout the years
Out of your mind, must be out of your mind
Right here, plain sight
Like sight, across a plain
Far-fetched it wouldn’t be plain
Either meaning, depends on what you’re seeing
But its in your mind
So seeing is believing
Believe me
You don’t know
And if you did you’ve have
Nothing left to show
Show yourself reality
What that?
Copenhagen bish, cope with that
Don’t bore me, I ain’t got time
Cause I know I’m moving fast
Trying to stay alive
Don’t pray for the prey
I’m the hunter today
The epitome of that’s
The epiphany that
From what you lack
Comes what you love
What’s lackluste’sr how all the luster
Can keep your mind in blissful blunder
So break away from all the bliss
Find the darkness
Its fine
Give in

Verse 3:

Look at the shapes and their form
They’re forsaken
They don’t represent what is reality
What does that even mean though?
It’s a lie
If what’s real is to look outside
But not inside
There all illusions that’s why there confusing
They don’t mean a thing
So don’t pay them your mind
Your mind is sacred
Be conscious of consciousness
Don’t let it fade away
Don’t let it die
I need to know that you understand
I need to know that you really care
I need to know if I die right now
That there will be someone else here
To carry this on
Out of the cave
Gone from Plato to Pluto
I’m out of this world and almost out of time
Taking my mind like a train and I’m out of it
Where I’m at sanity does not reside
I found serenity
It’s the epiphany
That knowing what you knows nothing at all
Were on a mission, this road is perdition
Break through the partition, we can’t let it stand
I will partake in destroying my fate
Cause causality is a calamity
Nothings the same, I don’t want to be sane
Your kaleidoscope it is your mind

Licence : All Rights Reserved

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