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Tags: hip hoprap

Thank you for listening to my music. I hope you enjoy.


My one desire
To get higher
And I’ll perspire
To make it up the spire
My one desire
To stay inspired
To make it I will
Walk in fire
And if I inspire
The devil’s ire
He’ll have to follow
Me up higher
Never a liar
Never a layer
I stand up to be
My own savior

Verse 1:

My ambition’s a condition
That I can’t catch the end of
Caught it like a cold and now
It’s never letting go
Got it in my soul and in my mind
But I don’t mind
I’m doing fine
Like I was doing fine
But getting by
I need adrenaline
A shot to the heart
Melatonin got me zoning
Tell me where you are
It’s getting hard to see
My life is leaving me
Like I was lost at sea
And the shore I couldn’t see
And I really couldn’t
But, give up I wouldn’t
The realest shit I wrote
Is that give up I wouldn’t
So give it up for me
I’ll give it up for you
History’s a story that seldom is true
But it’s nothing new
The truth is overdue
Truth be told I’m telling you
What I’m going to do
I’m going to find a way
And I’ll be here to stay
Never going to leave
I’m going to proceed
Only for success
Not for proceeds
I’m looking at the trunk
And you’re looking at the leaves
It’s almost time to leave
That’s what you’re telling me?
I already told you,
Its all me
The motto in the mantra
The get to in the gotta
The living in life
I’m gona get it cause I gotta
Not a lot to say
But a lot to do
That’s all that I will say
Cause its time to do


Verse 2:

I advise ambition
And I despise perdition
Let your eyes close
Sit back and listen
With our eyes closed
Only you and I know
Tie the knot
Never let desire go
Profound and profane
They’re all the same
Fire through the wire
That’s propane
Go through pain
With the propensity
That when you’ve got through it
You’ll have made history
Then tell it true
Do something new
The past is past
You don’t need to renew
But pick up the pieces
Start to believe it
Desire only comes
When you really mean it
And if your gon keep it
Gotta keep it alive
Gotta live it to the limit
I ain’t trying survive
Keep your head held high
Keep your eyes held higher
Keep your eyes on
What you desire
My eye is on infinity
And I don’t want serenity
Fighting to the front
Is the only thing that’s bliss to me
Insistently I’m saying
That incessantly I’m making
My way to the front
Until I’m at the maker
Tell him I’m the savior
Of my own soul
To get even higher
Is my one goal
And so it goes to show
That when they call it curtains
I ain’t gonna stop
I’ll still be out here working

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