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    LAMBCAST #504 TERMINATOR DARK FATE The Terminator franchise is, as promised, back again, and despite the disappointing box office we've covered it anyway. In fact, this might well be the most in-depth yet highly entertaining Terminator: Dark Fate podcast currently available for human or robot consumption. Jay was joined by DJ, Jeanette, Heather and Doug to not only take a liquid metal knife to the film's plot, but also discuss the franchise as a whole, our first movie boobs and so many other tangents along the way. Even if you haven't seen the film, you should absolutely listen to all the non-spoilery segments of this show, you will not regret it! 00:00 Intros 02:16 Jeanette ranks the James Bond actors 06:32 Terminator: Dark Fate discussion, spoiler-free 19:11 Terminator: Dark Fate discussion [SPOILERS] 89:22 Terminator: Dark Fate final thoughts 99:30 Rants, Raves and Reviews 123:44 Name That Robot game 136:47 Plugs 143:08 Out-takes [SPOILERS]
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  • LAMBCAST #503 EVENT HORIZON MOTM It’s time for our horror movie of the month and, if you’re quick, you’ll just about be able to watch it before Halloween is over! Phew! For this year’s horror special Movie of the Month we’re discussing Event Horizon, as championed by Mark Hofmeyer. Regular listeners to the show and Mark’s own podcast, Movies, Films & Flix, will know that Mark doesn’t always take the most direct approach to film discussions, ant that’s no different here as he helmed the feature discussion on the film alongside Jay, Marc, Getter and Darren. 00:00 Intros 02:18 Darren ranks the James Bond actors 04:16 Event Horizon discussion [SPOILERS] 63:49 Rants, Raves and Reviews 75:57 Jim, Paulie or Rob game 85:41 Plugs 89:41 Out-takes
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  • LAMBCAST #502 GUILLERMO DEL TORO Horror month continues! This week we’re looking at an Oscar-winning director primarily known for delving into the worlds of ghosts and monsters, Guillermo del Toro. Jay and Richard were joined by Courtney, Nick and James to discuss del Toro’s non-franchise films, whilst also touching on the importance of a good internet connection, painful whiskey drinking and proper beam structures to support large quantities of water. Standard horror movie discussion topics. 00:00 Intros 02:55 Courtney ranks the James Bond actors 05:11 Cronos discussion [SPOILERS] 20:23 Mimic discussion [SPOILERS] 40:29 The Devil’s Backbone discussion [SPOILERS] 54:37 Pan’s Labyrinth discussion [SPOILERS] 69:03 Crimson Peak discussion [SPOILERS] 85:20 The Shape of Water discussion [SPOILERS] 101:39 Other Guillermo del Toro films 104:54 Poor film descriptions game 129:39 Plugs 135:04 Out-takes
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  • LAMBCAST #501 Evil Dead Franchise The horror movie season is here, so let’s talk about some horror movies! This year’s chosen franchise is the Evil Dead, so grab your boomstick, rev your chainsaw and whatever you do, don’t play this podcast out loud in the woods. Jay and Richard were joined by the first guests to raise their hands from the dirt, namely Aaron, Amanda and Kim, as they discussed the original Sam Raimi trilogy, the 2013 remake and a bunch of other directions this franchise took along the way. Other topics discussed include most terrifying film experiences and the correct PB:J ratio. 00:00 Intros 03:10 Kim ranks the James Bond actors 06:14 The Evil Dead (1981) discussion 25:56 Evil Dead 2 discussion 44:17 Army of Darkness discussion 69:01 Evil Dead (2013) discussion 91:58 Ash vs The Evil Dead & beyond! 99:37 Rotten Tomato Catch-Up game 112:43 Plugs 122:37 Out-takes
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  • LAMBCAST #500 LIVE IN LONDON No, we’re not joking, it’s the 500th episode! As far as we’re concerned 500 episodes is worth celebrating, so to mark this momentous milestone regular hosts Jay and Richard thought the best solution would be, after being on many, many shows together in an only audio format, to actually meet in person and record a show in the same gosh-darn room. So Richard, along wit his daughter and regular guest Amanda, headed to London and a meet-up was arranged, with David and Tony joining for good measure. Much fun was had by all, and now you get to listen to some of it! We saw Joker, so there’s some discussion there, and various other conversations too, all interspersed with more Jurassic movie rankings than anyone could possibly want in a single podcast. 00:00 Intro, Jay sets up the show 07:24 Joker discussion, spoiler-free 18:03 Todd Liebenow ranks the Jurassic franchise 20:04 Joker discussion, SPOILERS! 36:04 Doug Jamieson ranks the Jurassic franchise 39:57 Lindsay Street ranks the Jurassic franchise 42:34 Cinema chat 64:06 Brendan Cassidy ranks the Jurassic franchise 66:50 Additions to the 1001 List 72:26 Jeanette Ward ranks the Jurassic franchise 77:05 The IMDb Game 87:37 Dylan Fields ranks the Jurassic franchise 89:12 The final, definitive and correct rankings of the Jurassic franchise are revealed!
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  • LAMBCAST #499 LAMBPARDY It’s Lambpardy time again! Returning Lambpardy Champ-ardy Troy Anderson is back again, this time attempting to defend his title against another two newcomers, Dave Anderson and Meagan Hyland! Will he succeed? Listen to find out. 00:00 Intros 02:29 Lambpardy Round 1 19:39 Meet the contestants 30:07 Double Lambpardy 47:05 Final Lambpardy 49:48 Rants, Raves & Reviews 70:57 We play another game 79:10 Plugs 85:51 Out-takes
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  • LAMBCAST #498 OFF THE BEATEN PATH We’re doing something new on the Lambcast, talking about something we’ve never talked about before – films we’ve never talked about before! Given Jay only follows the mainstream it seemed appropriate for him to sit this one out and leave Richard in the hosting chair to be joined by Zoe, Tony, Thomas and Troy to all recommend some of the more lesser-discussed films they’ve come across. 04:21 Tony ranks the Bonds 05:39 Thomas – The Endless 08:28 Zoe – Resolution 14:10 Troy – The Man From The Diner’s Club 19:32 Tony – A Royal Affair 23:38 Richard – Let It Ride 27:24 Thomas – Midnight Special 34:10 Zoe – The Borderlands 39:27 Troy – Storm Over the Pacific 44:24 Tony – A Town Called Panic! 49:11 Richard – Movie Movie 55:09 Thomas – Upstream Color 63:21 Zoe – Proxy 69:11 Troy – Model Shop 74:25 Tony – Taxi Tehran 79:32 Richard – Hear My Song 87:03 Rants, Raves & Reviews 105:42 End Credits Bonus Game 114:12 Plugs 120:51 Out-takes
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  • LAMBCAST #497 THE DEVILS MOTM It’s Movie of the Month time, and for September that movie is Ken Russell’s The Devils from 1971. With Jay still on vacation Richard remained in the hosting chair and was joined by the film’s champion, Zoe, along with Will and Howard to discuss this very religious and unsurprisingly divisive film that features far more stuffed crocodiles than you may initially expect. 03:26 Zoe ranks the Jurassic franchise (again) 06:23 The Devils discussion [Spoilers] 60:22 Rants, Raves & Reviews 75:40 Zoe’s Game 86:06 Plugs 91:50 Out-takes
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  • LAMBCAST #496 IT CHAPTER 2 The Losers Club is back to deal with Pennywise again, and we’re here to talk about it! Pennywise scared Jay away on vacation so Richard took the helm and was joined by Rishabh, Kim, Lackey and Thomas to discuss the Losers’ reunion and all its ups and downs. 03:14 Lackey ranks the Jurassic franchise 04:58 It: Chapter 2 discussion [Spoiler-free] 23:22 It: Chapter 2 discussion [Spoilers!] 67:03 It: Chapter 2 final scores 69:46 Rants, Raves & Reviews 86:10 It or Not It Game 96:07 Plugs
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  • LAMBCAST #495 STEPHEN KING DRAFT It: Chapter 2 hits cinemas this weekend, so it seemed perfect timing for a Stephen King Draft! Jay and Richard headed to Castle Rock, Maine to meet up with Audrey, Darren and Damien to fight off killer cars, rabid dogs, creepy kids and whatever else the town had to throw at them, all whilst competing to build the best teams of movies adapted from King’s works. Who built the best team? Listen to find out! 02:14 Darren ranks the Jurassic franchise 04:14 Discussion of the Spielberg bracket results 06:50 Stephen King Draft 66:17 Rants, Raves & Reviews 81:38 This, That or The Other Game, Royal Edition 90:50 Plugs 98:39 Out-takes
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