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Not a trained singer. Working in a Central Government Organization.

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  • Swargaputhree navarathree Malayalam movie : Nizhalaattam (1970) Music: G Devarajan Lyrics: Vayalar Rama Varma Singer: K J Yesudas This song was suggested by Mrs. Kala Vijay in Facebook. She is not active here nowadays. Rough meaning of the starting lines is given below: Daughter of heaven, hey Navarathri, Please make me the Sopana (sacred steps of the main shrine) singer in your gold-cladded concert hall..
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  • Mana Ho Tum Behad Haseen Hindi movie : Toote Khilone (1978) Music: Bappi Lahiri Lyrics: Kaifi Azmi Singer: K J Yesudas Cover : Krishnadas P
    Krishna_das 00:06:14 86 0 Downloads 10 Comments
  • Kannipoomaanam kannum nattu njaan Malayalam movie : Kelkkatha Shabdam (1982) Music: Johnson Lyrics: Devadas Singer: K G Markose Cover : Krishnadas P Rough meaning of the lyrics is given below: As I gaze on to the virgin flower sky In my mind, as a cute breeze, you came to hug me.. Light on the east, like a spot, lustre spreaded When wandered in search of unseen shores, The silent love told a story Like the sky and cloud, Like the wave and shore, In this birth, you came to become united. Full moon appeared shining, the night has awaken When immersed in the waves of your soft smile and forgot every thing, you told Like flower and honey, Like mist and coolness, In this birth, you came to become united.
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  • Thanka thalikayil Malayalam movie : Gayathri (1973) Music: G Devarajan Lyrics: Vayalar Ramavarma Singer: K J Yesudas Rough meaning of the lyrics is given below: Hey Tamil girl, who came with Pongal (dish name) in a golden tray, In the amulet of your waist band thread, Is there a hymn that seduces anyone? Wearing a fully wet saree, when you were washing your hair in water, When you sunk your head in water without lifting your face, You were a half blossomed lotus flower in that lotus pool. My fingers tingled to come near and give you a pinch.. During dawn, in the frontyard, When you stood turning back side, When you were making designs on the floor with rice powder, You were a beauty idol of the brahmin’s colony which anyone would yearn. I wished to come near and put a `bindi’ on your forehead… With a spilling milk pot on the waist, when you came alone in the courtyard, When in your lips, saffron got dissolved, In the bowl that is pricked by eternal horipilations, were full of thirsts. I wished to be a sacred thread on you and lie close to you…
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  • Neela Nisheedhini Malayalam movie : CID Nazeer (1971) Music : M K Arjunan Lyrics : Sreekumaran Thampi Singer : K P Brahmanandan Cover : Krishnadas P The rough meaning of the lyrics is given below: The blue night, in your palace, Stood, without sleep In your flower garden, like a burning memory, Hey Nirmala, I stood waiting. (The blue night… The silver latches of the window panes Rattles rhythmically in the wind My dream petals bloomed thinking that the door would get opened (The blue night… The honey dripping moonlight vanished without seeing the pain of the sobbing flower With tiring eyes I stood to see you, Devi (The blue night…
    Krishna_das 00:03:56 92 0 Downloads 10 Comments
  • Saagarame Shaanthamaaka Nee Malayalam Movie : Madhanolsavam (1978) Music: Salil Choudhary Lyrics : O N V Kurup Singer: K J Yesudas Cover : Krishnadas P The rough meaning of the lyrics is given below: Hey Ocean, you please calm down The reddishness of dusk is vanishing The Spring day, like a bride is leaving On a journey with a good bye Hey Ocean, you please calm down Softly someone sang, Please give me one more birth Before half of the song was sung, fell.. Some random bird’s voice sobbed (2) The Veena of Spring has become silent Why, did it have a quiet ending? (Hey Ocean.. The Vishu bird in some nest, What did it sing sorrowfully? The reddishness of hundred spring dusks Only should shower flowers in your soul
    Krishna_das 00:03:30 88 0 Downloads 7 Comments
  • Mere Samne Wali Khidki Mein Hindi Movie: Padosan (1968) Music: R.D Burman Lyrics: Rajendra Krishan Singer: Kishore Kumar Cover : Krishnadas P
    Krishna_das 00:03:09 143 0 Downloads 11 Comments
  • Chandrakiranathin Chandanamunnum Malayalam movie : Mizhineerpoovukal (1986) Music : M K Arjunan Lyrics : R K Damodaran Singer : K J Yesudas Cover : Krishnadas P Rough meaning of the lyrics is given below: Enjoying the sandal paste of moon rays, Phesant bird young couples, In their silence is perching Incomparable love’s meanings Inner meanings… Chirping and Laughing… Chirping, flapping wings and laughing, By laying tender leaves on the waves and By enjoying the horripilation of the river, They doze within the blue bud Let us imitate those couples Let us enjoy those moments… Romping and yearning Romping and yearning for each other In heart, writing the hymns of honeymoon, By pouring the sweetness of the mate They unite in tune and rhythm Let us follow those couples Let us enjoy those moments…
    Krishna_das 00:04:36 101 0 Downloads 11 Comments
  • Anthiveyil ponnuthirum Malayalam Movie : Ulladakkam (1991) Music : Ouseppachan Lyrics : Kaithapram Damodaran Namboothiri Singers : K J Yesudas & Sujatha Cover : Krishnadas P A happy romantic song from the Malayalam movie Ulladakkam. It is a duet actually. But, the female portion is only a single line in the last stanza. I am uploading it as a solo. Not venturing into word by word translation. The poem just describes the beauty of nature which forms the background for the romance of hero and heroine.
    Krishna_das 00:03:56 93 0 Downloads 10 Comments
  • Swayamvarathinu Panthalorukki Malayalam Movie : Ulsavam (1975) Music : A T Ummer Lyrics : Poovachal Khader Singer : K J Yesudas, S Janaki Cover : Krishnadas P Rough meaning of the lyrics is given below: For the wedding, made ready the `pandal’, for us the blue sky.. The blue sky… the blue sky… To welcome you, held flower trays, the lotus pools all along… (2) Please come dressed up.. Please come flowing in the rhythm of waves.. (For the wedding.. From the day of birth, I grew up dreaming about you Even without the knowledge of my shadow, I made ready a bedroom for you.. Please come running… Please come fast on the wings of white clouds… (For the wedding… With the flowers of love spring, hey goddess, I will adorn you.. The worship room of my heart I will give you for ever… Please come dancing… Please come on dancing on a swing.. (For the wedding…
    Krishna_das 00:04:42 108 0 Downloads 13 Comments
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