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Not a trained singer. Working in a Central Government Organization.

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  • Yeh shaam mastani
    Yeh shaam mastani Hindi movie : Kati Patang (1971) Music : R D Burman Lyrics : Anand Bakshi Singer : Kishore Kumar Cover : Krishnadas P
    Krishna_das 00:04:36 38 0 Downloads 7 Comments
  • Thozhuthu Madangum
    Thozhuthu Madangum Malayalam movie : Aksharangal (1984) Music : Shyam Lyrics : O N V Kurup Singer : Unni Menon Cover : Krishnadas P The rough meaning of the lyrics is given below: The twilight returning after worship also is Getting vanished in some unknown street The water droplets dripping from the wet hair Became holywater for the the grass flowers… From the doorsteps of the old temple, A feeble tune is heard Aaa…aa…aaa. In that a river flows Kadambu tree flowers Tears spill over from the eyes That are waiting for ever… Here, the Gods are praising the earth, Humming poems and going Hmm..mm..mmm In that like a damsel’s heart Lotus blooms On the petals, the dew drops of Some unknown pain is swaying..
    Krishna_das 00:04:09 41 0 Downloads 11 Comments
  • Tharaka Roopini
    Tharaka Roopini Malayalam movie : Sasthram Jayichu, Manushyan Thottu (1973) Music : V Dakshinamoorthy Lyrics : Sreekumaran Thampi Singer : K P Brahmanandan Cover : Krishnadas P The rough meaning of the starting lines is given below: Hey, star like beauty, You always would be My horipilation of imagination And would be the `seven leaved Pala flower’ That blossoms on the branches of solitude thoughts (Hey star like beauty,… In the cloudy blue sky of sleep, You bloom and glitter every day Hey dream star, in your smile, I always see the heavenly pictures (Hey star like beauty,…
    Krishna_das 00:03:25 50 0 Downloads 9 Comments
  • Poomuthole
    Poomuthole Malayalam movie : Joseph (2018) Music : Ranjin Raj Lyrics : Ajeesh Dasan Singer : Vijay Yesudas Cover : Krishnadas P A lullaby from the Malayalam movie `Joseph’ released last year. This song won Kerala State Award for the best playback singer for Vijay Yesudas, son of KJY.
    Krishna_das 00:04:52 36 0 Downloads 10 Comments
  • Yeh reshmi zulfein
    Yeh reshmi zulfein Hindi movie : Do Raaste (1969) Music : Laxmikant Pyarelal Lyrics : Anand Bakshi Singer : Mohammed Rafi Cover : Krishnadas P
    Krishna_das 00:05:11 52 0 Downloads 10 Comments
  • Manjakiliyude moolipattundey
    Manjakiliyude moolipattundey Malayalam movie : Kanmadam (1998) Music : Raveendran Lyrics : Girish Puthencheri Singer : K J Yesudas Cover : Krishnadas P The rough meaning of the starting lines and first anthara is given below: Yello bird’s humming song is there In the heart, there is a folk tune of rainbow (2) Eyes are there in which all five wicks are brightly lit Anklets are there which rattles when laughed On the right hand, naughty has got bangles.. (Yellow bird’s… Hey early dusk, who takes bath after applying turmeric paste, Who is going to marry you, the little cloud or the breeze? Hey rainbow, who is changing its yellow attire, The night which is going to kiss you, is it new moon or full moon? Sky opens the umbrella and stays as a shelter far away, All the unshowered dreams will shower as rain nearby, As the righteousness of the heart which seeks a lot of love.. (Yellow bird’s…
    Krishna_das 00:05:23 47 0 Downloads 9 Comments
  • Manohari Nin Manoradhathil
    Manohari Nin Manoradhathil Malayalam movie : Lottery Ticket (1970) Music : V Dakshina Murthy Lyrics : Sreekumaran Thampi Singer : K J Yesudas Cover : Krishnadas P Rough meaning of the lyrics is given below: Hey beauty, in your mind chariot, On the flowery bed, Who is the lad who is charmed? Is it the admirer? Is it this admirer? Girl who stays in my heart, Won’t the flower door of your sweet forest open once? Won’t you give permission to relish those honey drops that are dripping unknowingly, When you spread out your lip petals, I will sit on them, as a butterfly. Oh my love… aa.. aa.. aa.. Oh my love, Won’t you awaken the damsels of beautiful raga of your pearl Veena Those beautiful damsels who shower the honey rain of love, Then it will spread into my heart and Blossom into a beautiful dream and I will grow up to be a victorious person
    Krishna_das 00:03:22 60 0 Downloads 10 Comments
  • Chala Jata Hoon
    Chala Jata Hoon Hindi movie : Mere Jeevan Saathi (1972) Music : R D Burman Lyrics : Majrooh Sultanpuri Singer : Kishore Kumar Cover : Krishnadas P
    Krishna_das 00:04:25 64 0 Downloads 11 Comments
  • Anupame Azhake
    Anupame Azhake Malayalam movie : Aranazhika Neram (1970) Music : G Devarajan Lyrics : Vayalar Rama Varma Singer : K J Yesudas Cover : Krishnadas P Rough meaning of the lyrics is given below: Hey Anupama (the incomparable one), hey beauty, Hey Ajanta sculpture, who stands with nectar in her flower pots, Please adorn my royal apartment, You please adorn.. (Hey Anupama… Hey ever youth, you please fill my nights with dances, Please fill with crazy dances In the mind, by honey dripping smiles, please pave ruby corals (Hey Anupama… Hey heavenly beauty, you please fill my paths with flowers, Please fill with flowers of love With the shyness on the blooming cheeks, Please reeve wedding garlands.. (Hey Anupama…
    Krishna_das 00:04:28 49 0 Downloads 9 Comments
  • Kala Kalam Kayalolangal
    Kala Kalam Kayalolangal Malayalam movie : Ee gaanam marakkumo (1978) Music : Salil Choudhury Lyrics : O N V Kurup Singer : K J Yesudas Cover : Krishnadas P Rough meaning of the lyrics is given below: Kala Kalam (sound of water)… The waves of backwaters singing stories.. (2) A pearl like girl’s, A Kuttanadu (place name) girl’s Burning pains have become flowers, Beautiful ‘Thechi’(Ixora) flowers, Tear shedding stories.. (Kala kalam… Virahini(A woman suffering the pangs of separation), When the tears that you shed, become grains and fall onto the soil, The field birds have reaped them, With jingling bangles, they reaped them Then in the forests where even elephants won’t enter, and on the hills where even goats won’t climb, They went and sowed them.. (Kala kalam… Hey dark girl, to meet you, Like the waves of an ocean, is crying your lover (2) Did you see him in that place where the night jasmins have bloomed? Some unknown dream in the eyes and some unknown song on the lips have extinguished long back.. (Kala kalam…
    Krishna_das 00:05:13 70 0 Downloads 12 Comments
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