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Not a trained singer. Working in a Central Government Organization.

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  • Neelamala Poonkuyile
    Neelamala Poonkuyile Malayalam movie : Ponnum Poovum (1982) Music : K Raghavan Lyrics : P Bhaskaran Singer : P Jayachandran Cover : Krishnadas P The rough meaning of the lyrics is given below: Blue mountain flower cuckoo, Are you coming with me, Due to your laughter, I woke up, Due to your beauty, I dozed… On the banks of river Kaveri, a palace for you to stay, A palace for you to stay. On the banks of river Kabani, a palace for you to play A palace for you to play. A flower pool to take bath, a honey pool to drink (2) Kept ready and came to take you dear cuckoo.. Please come with me… On the flowering branch of rain cloud honey mango tree, I tied a golden swing for you to swing and sing. A swing of rainbow, A swing at the bottom of mango tree, Kept ready for you to sit, dear blue cuckoo, Please come with me…
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  • Gori tera gaon bada pyara
    Gori tera gaon bada pyara Hindi movie : Chitchor (1976) Music : Ravindra Jain Lyrics : Ravindra Jain Singer : K J Yesudas Cover : Krishnadas P Presenting a Hindi song sung by K J Yesudas, whose 80th birthday is on January 10th.
    Krishna_das 00:05:13 44 0 Downloads 11 Comments
  • Manikya Veenayumayen
    Manikya Veenayumayen Malayalam movie : Kattupookkal (1965) Music : G Devarajan Lyrics : O N V Kurup Singer : K J Yesudas Cover : Krishnadas P The rough meaning of the lyrics is given below: The one who woke up with a veena made of rubies In the lotus flower of my mind, Won’t you sing? Won’t you play the veena? Won’t you tell me your agony? Won’t you say any thing? (The one who… When you see my face, in your eyes, Why is this `sindoor’ (reddishness) of anger? When you come near me, whatever I ask, Why is this, why is this silence? (The one who… Snow got showered, Mango flowers have fallen down, Again the golden sunlight has appeared The smile which had disappeared from your face long ago When will I, when will I see again? (The one who…
    Krishna_das 00:03:48 80 0 Downloads 11 Comments
  • Thaane Thirinjum Marinjum
    Thaane Thirinjum Marinjum Malayalam movie : Ambalapravu (1970) Music : M S Baburaj Lyrics : P Bhaskaran Singer : S Janaki Cover : Krishnadas P The poet Shri P.Bhaskran master, compares the moon as a beautiful lady. Originally sung by Mrs. S. Janaki The rough meaning of the lyrics is given below: Turning towards both sides and rolling in the lotus bed, Without getting sleep, lying in the sky, the Spring season’s beautiful Moon … (2) On the sandal cot, on the beautiful white flower Bedsheet spreaded by the mid-night, For the honeymoon night, bearing on the lips, Love’s bunch of honey flowers.. (Turning towards both sides… Hey beautiful lady longing for love, On the occasion of meeting the lover, With shyness, did the golden cloud of the sky close the door yesterday? (Turning towards both sides…
    Krishna_das 00:03:42 55 0 Downloads 10 Comments
  • Swarga Gaayike Ithile
    Swarga Gaayike Ithile Malayalam movie : Mooladhanam (1969) Music : G Devarajan Lyrics : P Bhaskaran Singer : K J Yesudas Cover : Krishnadas P The rough meaning of the lyrics is given below: Heavenly singer, this way, this way, Hey dream girl, this way, this way, From the heart’s bridal chamber, my order As a sweet speaker, is whispering.. After unveiling, with a hung face, Like a local new bride, This beautiful moonlight in front of you, Butter petals have been spread all over… The foggy hillocks who have breast-fed And put to sleep the little clouds, Like female companions, From behind the curtain of big trees, May be watching this love union…
    Krishna_das 00:03:24 77 0 Downloads 14 Comments
  • Kathil Thenmazhayay
    Kathil Thenmazhayay Malayalam movie : Thumboli Kadappuram (1995) Music : Salil Choudhury Lyrics : O N V Kurup Singer : K J Yesudas Cover : Krishnadas P The rough meaning of the lyrics is given below: To the ears, as a honey rain, please sing, hey breeze, hey sea… With the kisses of breeze, with a joyful heart, someone Sweetly singing as beautiful conches… The flowing fragrance of `Thazhmpoo’ flower, Even today we remember like a love song Some cuckoo is making a nest on a flower tree branch I will take this pearl which is delivered by the sea… You are standing beside like the coyness of a flower Whose golden petals shrink when caressed As a folk song.. As a folk love’s never ending song, The ocean waves are dancing on the fire hot sand..
    Krishna_das 00:05:00 57 0 Downloads 10 Comments
  • Yeh shaam mastani
    Yeh shaam mastani Hindi movie : Kati Patang (1971) Music : R D Burman Lyrics : Anand Bakshi Singer : Kishore Kumar Cover : Krishnadas P
    Krishna_das 00:04:36 59 0 Downloads 8 Comments
  • Thozhuthu Madangum
    Thozhuthu Madangum Malayalam movie : Aksharangal (1984) Music : Shyam Lyrics : O N V Kurup Singer : Unni Menon Cover : Krishnadas P The rough meaning of the lyrics is given below: The twilight returning after worship also is Getting vanished in some unknown street The water droplets dripping from the wet hair Became holywater for the the grass flowers… From the doorsteps of the old temple, A feeble tune is heard Aaa…aa…aaa. In that a river flows Kadambu tree flowers Tears spill over from the eyes That are waiting for ever… Here, the Gods are praising the earth, Humming poems and going Hmm..mm..mmm In that like a damsel’s heart Lotus blooms On the petals, the dew drops of Some unknown pain is swaying..
    Krishna_das 00:04:09 47 0 Downloads 11 Comments
  • Tharaka Roopini
    Tharaka Roopini Malayalam movie : Sasthram Jayichu, Manushyan Thottu (1973) Music : V Dakshinamoorthy Lyrics : Sreekumaran Thampi Singer : K P Brahmanandan Cover : Krishnadas P The rough meaning of the starting lines is given below: Hey, star like beauty, You always would be My horipilation of imagination And would be the `seven leaved Pala flower’ That blossoms on the branches of solitude thoughts (Hey star like beauty,… In the cloudy blue sky of sleep, You bloom and glitter every day Hey dream star, in your smile, I always see the heavenly pictures (Hey star like beauty,…
    Krishna_das 00:03:25 67 0 Downloads 9 Comments
  • Poomuthole
    Poomuthole Malayalam movie : Joseph (2018) Music : Ranjin Raj Lyrics : Ajeesh Dasan Singer : Vijay Yesudas Cover : Krishnadas P A lullaby from the Malayalam movie `Joseph’ released last year. This song won Kerala State Award for the best playback singer for Vijay Yesudas, son of KJY.
    Krishna_das 00:04:52 44 0 Downloads 10 Comments
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