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Born 11.9.1963 in Rovaniemi (arctic circle, Lapland, Finland). Neurosurgical nurse at profession.

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  • jaitten_lahto My fathers poem "Jäitten Lähtö" (river getting rid of the ice at spring)
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  • Stabat Mater - tunturin tuolle puolen. A finnish poem
    Stabat Mater - tunturin tuolle puolen. A finnish poem My late father Unto Kaarlo Juhani Seppänen was a poet. This poem "Stabat Mater - over the arctic hill" was his farewell to Lapland here in Finland in a situation where our family moved from Lapland to further south. My father was born in southern part of Finland, but he loved Lapland and found my mother Liisa Matilda Junttila from there. Just recently I found myself reading his collection of never released poems and since I have his sound of voice in my genes, decided to record some of his work. Kimmo Seppänen 3.1.2018 kimmo.seppanen@pp.inet.fi
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