I aspire to create music for all nations and lyrics that will heal nations. I've learnt not to try make it but to enjoy the wonder that is music and to be grateful for the talent that I have been blessed with, to create were once was nothing, to kill bad vibes with rhythm and poetry(rap) successful rappers often make songs where they describe their vast wealth and party lives. Who wouldn't want to get in on the action? but more than that rap is a powerful form of artistic expression that makes music out of the complexity of human language, not simply the human voice, from profane to profound, from light hearted jokes to violent tales of urban struggle rap songs can be about anything, what matters is I deliver them with style. Rap with confidence, dynamism, flow and charisma.I rap about real life topics that people can relate to or anything I put my mind to and the style that I bring is unique and original.

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