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  • Personal Transliteration of Karpoora Gauram
    Personal Transliteration of Karpoora Gauram There is an ancient sanscrit chant, or mantra invoking and praising the embodiement of compassion, generally considered to be Shiva & Shakti. I have deeply loved this chant for many years, and have here today 'translated' it in the context of celebration, joining in with #1000Speak, which is the embodiement of 1000 or more bloggers writing blogs today, on the International day of Justice, speaking oiut for compassion. For the sanscrit text and the generally known translation, go to: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Karpuragauram_Karunavtaaram My rendering of some of the many essences embodied in the anceint sanscrit words is the result of a freeely woven word dance arising after chanting the mantra many times. You can listen to my chanting also in my sound stream, as arose also in the context of tuning in with #1000Speak.
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  • Karpoora Gauram
    Karpoora Gauram Bird song, river song, and human heart song, homing an ancient sanscrit mantra " Karpoora Gauram Karuna Vataram", involing the embodiment of compassion, chanted in a bit of a modern or rather western version. "Karuna" sanscrit for compassion, and in particularily the compassionm of the rising sun. There is a second verse sung/spoken about the great "Thou" (the source, the devine, the deva) being everywhere, being our brother/sister, mother/father, knowledge and wealth, source of the source. (image credit http://www.fotocommunity.de/pc/pc/display/28822675_)
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