Oldie Remix feat Sutt aka Smooth (Freestyle)
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Alright so to shift gears a little bit I bring you my first collaboration in over 2 years with a friend and fellow MC outta Dead End, Houston named Sutt Aka Smooth. We decided to freestyle over Oldie by Odd Future and give it an old H-Town classic vibe. Listen, Share, and Enjoy #KRDA1ST

Looks like Jeffrey Dahmer
Needed dollaz for the trauma
I just came back like Im karma
Thats my favorite stripper
Grabbin on my zipper
Drinkin all my liquor
Till she get the hiccups
Hands up this a stick up
I Aint askin twice I promise
Whats the price of college
I could use tuition money
Hope you listen to me
Im your conscious
Call me intuition
Some of you wont listen
And you lack the vision
You gone need more than a sixth sense
Just to see my millions
Damn its so appealing
But this life im livin
Burnin out like gas
I keep tryna fill it
Get it?
Like Helen Keller I keep tryna feel it
But my feelings numb
Like I overslept and now its winter
And my bed is full of splinters
Heart beatin fast like a squad full of sprinters
Whats bolt to a dash, whos Lebron to a flash
Bumpin Grand Master Cas in a 99 lac
Forever ol Skool bringin 99 back

Im forever blastin like them dudes wearin them badges
They quick to label us, thugs, bandits, and savages
But the pain Im finna bring gonna require more than bandages
Bunch of Amateurs, make it hard to feel American
Should I be bold and blame the president
Na that would make me arrogant
You bastards never got fostered
Im callin you niggas Arian
Namaste, Its either my way or the highway
You go my way you survivin
I know real niggas is ridin
Im forever plottin
SSK forever mobbin

Licence : CC BY 3.0